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La Ruta 2009: Possible Changes and 20% Discount Launched

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May 11, 2009 (San José, Costa Rica) – Earlier this year the organizers of La Ruta de los Conquistadores announced that some pre-planned big changes would be held for the next year’s event. Despite this, the race direction together with the course development staff have decided to go out and explore on the field, with the intention of finding some attractive options to improve the 2009 event.

Some changes may be found by riders who have already signed up for the upcoming 17th edition of our epic challenge. It does not mean that these changes will be introduced for sure but at this point, chances are 50-50. So far, the only sure thing is that a 5th day will not be added for now, but one or two of the current four stages might be subject to important modifications. “Talking straight”¦ they might be a whole new experience, even for us the organizers!,” said race Director Diego Víquez.

In fact, if the changes are finalized, an announcement won’t be made until one or two weeks before the start. This will guarantee that not even the local riders will know the 100% of the course.

Organizers have also launched a “May Special” to encourage riders from all around the world to be part of what is promised to be a very particular edition of La Ruta. This offer includes a 20% off on registration fees, merchandise and services.

Improving the experience
One of the main goals of the crew will be to design a route compatible with the spirit of La Ruta, which can be synthesized as hardcore mountain biking over the backbone of the original path that the Spanish conquistadors crossed between 1540 and 1560 when they where here in Costa Rica.

In addition, the team is looking forward to improving the services and logistics. With that in mind, the “new course” will definitely have to meet some strategic conditions established as the aims for the future of La Ruta. They include upgrades for the lodging and recovering time for the all participants by reducing the shuttling.

Actually, the organization is doing the best to start and finish each stage as close to the hotels as possible. While these are not 100% guaranteed facts, there are good chances to make them happen.

The exploration squad will cross the country from the Pacific to the Caribbean Coast by bike, foot and vehicles, in a trip expected to last for at least six days. First, the team will check part of the current route, but then they will go on the possible new gravel roads and trails.

Pre-analyzed options will take them to the south border of the Central Valley, in order to connect with one of the most beautiful places in the center of the country”¦ but this will remain secret for now!!!

“All we can say is”¦ if this “dreamed course” comes true, a couple of new amazing locations – La Ruta and Costa Rican style – will be introduced to the international mountain biking community,” PR Director Luis Rueda added.

However, in case this course transformation cannot be realized in the end, the organization will make use of the lessons gathered over the past editions to improve the memories that each and every participant keeps after taking part of the most challenging and epic multi stage race in the world.

Check back on www.adventurerace.com for monthly updates on the course development and general information about the race. 2009’s Race dates are Nov. 11-14

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