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Klunkerz – Watch the Trailer

August 30, 2007 — Check out the trailer of “Klunkerz” – a fast-moving documentary that traces the global rise of mountain biking from its Marin County roots. Pot-smoking adrenaline junkies from Mill Valley, Larkspur and surrounding towns took their pre-World War II bicycles known as klunkerz due to their fat tires to the top of Mt. Tamalpais then hurled themselves down dirt paths, risking life and limb in search of a killer high. People formed amateur bike leagues and tricked-out their two-wheelers with junkyard finds; spectacular wipe-outs made local guys national legends, and this mud-splattered hobby became an international craze and Olympic sport.

Archival footage, rare photos and interviews with klunkerz trailblazers merge in this terrific film that races downhill toward mountain-bike bliss. This film stars legends like Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Tom Ritchey and Jaquie Phelan.

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