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Killington Stage Race Stage 1 Results – Hrycaj Wins, Ouellette 3rd

by pedalmag.com

May 27, 2017 (Killington, VT) – Canada’s Yuri Hrycaj (Toronto Hustle) took the win the the Pro 1/2 Men’s 117.48km Stage 1 Circuit Race as the Killington Stage Race got underway in Killington, VT. Catherine Ouellette (The Cyclery-4iiii) landed third on the podium in the Pro 1/2/3 women’s 86.9 km competition. Simone Boilard (Can) DESJARDINS FORD is leading the women’s QOM while Cameron McPhaden (Can) LowestRates.ca is leading the men’s KOM competition


Women Pro 1/2/3
1. Regina Legge (USA) GREEN LINE VELO driven by Zipcar    2:41:37
2. Emily Spence (USA) Mellow Mushroom
3. Catherine Ouellette (Can) The Cyclery-4iiii
4. Allyson Gillard (Can) DESJARDINS FORD
5. Lori Nedescu (USA) Independent
6. Angela Naeth (USA) Independent
7. Rebecca Fahringer (USA) Amy D Foundation
8. Crystal Anthony (USA) Riverside Racing
9. Kira Payer (USA) Killington Mountain School
10. Lucie Vagnerova (USA) CRCA/Rockstar Games

13. Simone Boilard (Can) DESJARDINS FORD
15. Tara Macdonald (Can) Stingray Trek Cycling
17. Dafne Theroux-Izquierdo (Can) DESJARDINS FORD    0:10
18. Olivia Baril (Can) DESJARDINS FORD    0:22
19. Ann-Pascale Ouellet (Can) DESJARDINS FORD    7:39

Men Pro/1/2
1. Yuri Hrycaj (Can) Toronto Hustle    2:50:24
2. Joshua Lipka (USA) Independent
3. Craig Nichols (USA) CS Velo Elite
4. Scott McGill, jr. (USA) Kelly Benefit Strategies Elite
5. Anton Varabei (Can) Toronto Hustle
6. Tim Weigelt (USA) CS Velo Elite
7. Simon Ouellet (Can) Transport Lacombe Devinci
8 Dawry Cabrera (USA) New England Devo
9. Matthew Curbeau (USA) CCB
10. Victor Gras (USA) CRCA/Rockstar Games

11. Michael Foley (Can) La Bicicletta Cycling Club
13. Garrett Belanger (Can) LowestRates.ca
15. Ryan Primeau (Can) VeloSelect
16. Mathieu Charruau (Can) Trek-GPL
21. Max Rubarth (Can) Equipe Transport Lacombe/Devinci
22. Alexandre Latil (Can) VeloSelect
23. Allen Carr (USA) CRCA/e2Value
24. Jerome McNicoll (Can) Independent
29. Benjamin Hewins (Can) Oakley Atlantic Racing
32. Hendrik Pineda (Can) Transports Lacombe/Devinci
33. Nicholas Diniz (Can) Cyclepath Oakville Race Team
36. Justin Purificati (Can) Ride with Rendall p/b Biemme
38. William Goodfellow (Can) VeloSelect
39. Trevor O’Donnell (Can) Toronto Hustle
41. Brad Bradford (Can) TORONTO HUSTLE
43. Kyle Boorsma (Can) Toronto Hustle
44. Bruce Bird (Can) Wheels of Bloor / AutoStyle Collision
50. Marc-Antoine Beaudoin (Can) Wheels of Bloor/AutoStyle Collision
53. Francis Izquierdo-Bernier (Can) Independent
56. Eric Hueston (Can) ToWheels/EpicSportsPerformance
58. Olivier Péloquin (Can) Équipe Transports Lacombe/Devinci
59. Guillaume L. Walsh (Can) independant
63. Aaron Hamill (Can) Wheels of Bloor/Autostyle
66. Ben Andrew (Can) LowestRates.ca
68. Gaelen Merritt (Can) Wheels of Bloor/Autostyle Collision
69. Matthew Sherar (Can) LowestRates.ca
71. Noah Simms (Can) Toronto Hustle
73. Cameron McPhaden (Can) LowestRates.ca
78. Simon Hamel (Can) Transports-Lacombe / Devinci
79. Benoit Boulay (Can) Toronto Hustle
80. Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Independent
81. Joelle Numainville (Can) Cylance pro cycling
83. Stephen Keeping (Can) Equipe Transport Lacombe/ Devinci
85. Marc Allard (Can) Independent
87. Fabien Lemaire (Can) Véloselect
88. Laurent Levasseur (Can) Veloselect    18:25
89. Alan Dempsey (Can) Veloselect    24:30

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