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Kiara Bisaro 2nd at GP Massi Cup

March 30, 2008 (Corro D’Amunt, Spain) – Kiara Bisaro (Opus) finished second in the elite women’s race at GP Massi Cup de Corró d’Amunt in Spain on Sunday won by Margarita Fullana (Spa) Massi with Rosara Joseph (New Zealand) Pegasus Cycling finishing 3rd. Here’s a brief report courtesy of Sylvain Badia.

GP Massi Cup Report
On Saturday morning we headed to the Massi Cup in Corro D’Amunt, Spain for the first race of the season. Kiara arrived in Europe on Wednesday night and we are staying in south of France for the next few weeks before the World Cup season begins. It was a short distance to the race site, only 300 km, and it was nice to find some warm weather. All of the Ocisport team, the organizing committee that is in charge of the world cup in Vallnord, did a great job in organizing the race — with special thanks to Albert.

“We started behind over 100 guys and ended up catching them on the first climb where everyone was walking. That broke up the women’s race because it was really hard to pass. The course was super fast and not very technical which is just what I have not been doing all winter so it was perfect practice,” said Bisaro. “We headed back to France right after the race. Now I’m looking forward to two weeks of solid training, hopefully with the sun!”

For more information on the race click here.

Elite Women

1. Margarita Fullana (Spa) Massi 01:19:55 min.
2. Kiara Bisaro (Can) Opus 2:31
3. Rosara Joseph (New Zealand) Pegasus Cycling 3:19 min.
4. Anna Villar (Spa) Massi 4:01 min.
5. Sandra Santanyes (Spa) Cemelorca-Seguros 8:22 min.

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