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Kenda Tires Ranked # 1

October 26, 2005 – Kenda Tires are movin’ on up! Mountain Bike Action has released their Annual Tire guide and Kenda Tires have moved from number four in 2004, to number one in 2005. “This is a huge – quantum leap – for Kenda. I have been looking at industry and consumer magazines for over 30 years and to my knowledge and memory, no company has ever jumped this much in one year in any category in a survey. Kenda is making history. Remarkable, ” commented Jim Wannamaker, North America Sales and Marketing Director, Kenda USA.

“So how did we do it? Great tires, great ad program, great sponsored riders, great affiliations and great desire to be #1. And lots more. Lots of hard work, long days, sleepless and in some cases working nights, persistence and follow-up. And more, ” said Wannamaker “I want to thank everyone involved,” Wannamaker added, “all the Kenda Taiwan and Kenda USA management and staff for their support and effort in making Kenda #1. And thanks to ALL the magazines that we advertise in for their continued support and praise of Kenda. To all Distributors, dealers, grass roots riders and teams, and consumers- you all deserve a ‘thank you’. ”

The MBA data is compiled based on surveys of their readers and subscribers. Totals: If you add up 2005 company numbers, they total 99. For 2006, it totals 121. We inquired about this and were told they rounded up this year and they are human. So there is some room for possible statistical error on MBA’s part. But Kenda is still #1 in this media kit and that it is a reflection of the Mountain Bike Action readers opinions. Remember that it is based on information collected in 2005.

To learn more about Kenda, visit: www.kendausa.com

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