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Kelowna’s Bicycles for Humanity

July 25, 2006 (Kelowna, BC) – Kelowna, British Columbia is one of the wealthiest communities in Canada with a host of rich retirees from Alberta and Vancouver. It has a surplus of bicycles. They litter ravines, clog garages and, for $5 or $10, one can pick up pristine mountain bikes at yard sales.

Namibia, on the west coast of Africa, is one of the poorest nations on Earth and ownership of a bicycle is the equivalent of possessing a Porsche in Canada.

Although the two locations are practically half a planet apart, more than 1,000 Kelowna bicycles are now in the hands of Namibians.

Shipping bicycles to Africa is not unique. What makes Kelowna’s Bicycles for Humanity stand out is that is has a theme song, original artwork, a poem, airtime on BBC radio and so many donated bicycles that the surplus is being directed to women’s shelters and needy local children.

Pat and Brenda Montani are the forces behind the bicycle drive. After a day of loading hundreds of bicycles plus wheels, tires, tools and sports equipment into a container they invited all of the volunteers to their home for a huge Italian dinner.

For more information visit www.bicycles-for-humanity.org. To help out email, pat@bicycles-for-humanity.org.

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