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Kelly Jones to Appear at North Shore Cyclocross Clinics

August 21, 2007 – 2006 BC Cup winner Kelly Jones will be on hand to demonstrate expert cyclocross technique to participants in the North Shore Cyclocross training clinics being held in late August.

Now that the road cycling season is a wrap, riders are now turning to their cyclocross (or ‘Cross) bikes. Cyclocross bikes look very similar to road bikes, having both dropped handlebars and thin tires – but those tires are referred to as knobby with a tread that is designed for grip, low gears and better frame clearances to prevent clogging with grass, mud and sand. They are massed start events that take 30 min to an hour, depending on age and ability.

Cyclocross races are multi-lap events, held on short courses which are less technically demanding than Mountain Biking. Riders are required to dismount to clear barriers and short uphill climbs. The ability to dismount smoothly and quickly from riding to running and back to riding in one fluid motion is a key skill and that is something they can learn how to do in these clinics.

Kelly is enthusiastic about the clinics; “I just love cyclocross, I’ve been training all year for this and look forward to helping out with people who want to improve their bike handling technique and have fun in the sport.”

Clinics begin on the north shore on August 29th, racing begins on September 9th.

For additional information on cyclocross and the upcoming clinics click here or contact Barb Zimich at 778-837-0288.

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