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K-W Classic RR O-Cup — Jet Fuel Report

June 13, 2005 — The weather would dictate the day – hot and humid!! With most of the usual suspects away preparing for Beauce the KW O-Cup was left to Ontario’s part timers. Lining up for the JetFuel team was homeboy Josh Hall and myself – that’s it. Joey Joe Joe had wedding plans (not his), the Buck and Pozzy show were 15 hours away in Minnesota and Andrew Randell, Zack Bell and Matt Hansen were heading to Beauce.

So we had a lot of moves to cover and Josh took over covering the first two major moves and bringng the break clear up the road to a comfortable margin. With Ital and Gears for company the only team left to chase was La Biccicletta and that they did. Midweek standout Heath Cockburn took some massive pulls to bring the groups back and set up a counter for his man Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg). The final move went with two laps remaining on the hill and it was 15 men strong with Josh once again represented. I climbed over the hill in 39-19 (as I did each time up) and realized it was time to wake up and get going. Crossing to the break solo I knew I had good legs and that I was one of the fastest in the selection, so Josh and I sat and waited for the finale.

Coming into the final chicane (into a headwind) the lead group was chasing down a motivated Rob Mann (KHS). The sprint started way too early with Rob Rice (Sudbury) lighting the fireworks. Josh took me up into the action only to have Darko ride straight into him and beyond. Once this boy has the 11 wound, it is tough to get by him. Instead of taking his wheel, I tried to dragrace him and ultimately lost by a wheel. Not a bad race, decent action and attacking, wicked heat (thanks to Katrina for the feeds), and good times had by all!!

Results Senior 1 & 2 Men 120 km

1. Darko Ficko (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1
2. Tim Lefebvre (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
3. Jason Valenti (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RS1
4. Aaron Fillion (Ottawa Bicycle Club) RS1
5. Jason Skialski (Preferred Care) RS2
6. Eduardo Maset (Pavan Cycling Club) RS1
7. Benjamin Jamesson (Shickluna) RS2
8. Bryan Rusche (Cyclissimo Cycling Club) RS2
9. Daniel Maggiacomo (Italpasta – Transport Belmire) RS1
10. Michael Moore (Gearsracing.Com) RS1
11. Rob Rice (Sudbury Cycling Club) RS2
12. Robert Mann (KHS Bicycles Canada) RS2
13. Danny Souter (Cycle Cambridge.Com – Kicx 99.5) RS2
14. Dan Staffo (Queen City Cyclists) RS2
15. Josh Hall (Jet Fuel Coffee) RS1
16. Kyle Smith (Vaughan Midweek) RS2
17. Paul Rego (Coach Chris.Ca / All Season Sports) RS1
18. Chris Atkins (La Bicicletta – J Lindeberg) RS1
19. Damian Kurzahninski RS2
20. Andrew Hickman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club) RS2
21. Paul Telisman (Advantage Benefits) RS2
22. Simon Knott (Aztech / Cyclepath) RS2
23. Patrick Shea (KHS Bicycles Canada) RS1
24. Benjamin de Bray (KHS Bicycles Canada) RS1
25. Erich Baumhard (Ind.) RS2
26. Jeff Weber (Gearsracing.Com) RS1
27. Damian Kurzahninski RS2
28. Michael Dennis (Vaughan Midweek) RS1
29. Dan Lefebvre (Gears Racing.Com) RS1
30. Michael Luther (Queen City)

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