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Just Another Bike Race 2011 Results

by pedalmag.com

August 22, 2011 (Squamish, BC) – Participants in the finale of the seven-race Hell of a Series, part of Cycling BC’s grassroots calendar, were treated to some famous Squamish trails, including Half Nelson and Hoods in the Woods, along with some freshly cut singletrack.

It was a cloudless and hot day for Just Another Bike Race presented by Pearson Financial Services, but the temperature didn’t affect elite men’s race and overall series winner Neal Kindree (Republic Cycles) or elite women’s winner Sandra Walter (XPREZO-BORSAO), who placed ninth out of the entire 113-rider field.

Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain) and Nick Berry (Mighty Riders) finished second and third in the men’s race, while Jean Ann Berkenpas (XPREZO-BORSAO) took second with Karen Trueman (Oak Bay Bikes) third in the women’s contest.


1. Sandra Walter (XPREZO-BORSAO) 2:43:24
2. Jean Ann Berkenpas (XPREZO-BORSAO) 2:47:51
3. Karen Trueman (Oak Bay Bikes) 3:01:06

1. Neal Kindree (Republic Cycles) 2:20:29
2. Kevin Calhoun (Rocky Mountain) 2:22:53
3. Nick Berry (Mighty Riders) 2:38:21

Results by category HERE.
Overall results HERE.

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