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Coles-Lyster and Ritter Win Double Bronze for Canada at Junior Track World Championships – Day 5 Results

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Women's Omnium Podium  ©  Guy Swarbrick
July 24, 2016 (Aigle, Switzerland) – Here are some results from Day 5 at the 2016 Junior Track World Championships where Stefan Ritter claimed bronze in the Men’s Sprint and Maggie Coles-Lyster came from behind and a crash in the final Points Race to claim bronze in the Women’s Omnium. Team Canada’s total Junior Worlds medal count in Aigle matches the Senior squad’s Worlds tally from London in March, with four apiece as the juniors came home with gold, silver and two bronze medals.

Men's Sprint podium  ©  Guy Swarbrick

We caught up with Team Leader and Men’s Track Endurance coach, Ian Melvin, for his take on the championships. “Today has epitomized our performances here in Aigle. Our kids have had to work hard for all of their rewards, and they showed a lot of fight and determination. I’m thrilled to see us come home with four medals but beyond that, we’ve set personal bests and national records, almost across the board. We couldn’t ask for anymore from these riders; I’m incredibly proud of them all.

“Hopefully this group has shown the rest of the world that we can compete with anybody out there; they’ve created a springboard for themselves and also for Canada’s junior program. Still we have to keep working hard through the winter to ensure that the gaps we still have are addressed,” he concluded.


Men’s Sprint


Heat 1
1. Chengsu Kim (Korea) 10.873
2. Pavel Rostov (Russian)
3. Nik Schroter (Germany)

Heat 2
1. Daniel Rochna (Poland) 11.023
2. Hamish Turnbull (Great Britain)
3. Harrison Lodge (Australia)
Winner of each heat advances to 1/4 Finals
1/4 Finals

Heat 1
1. Bradly Knipe (New Zealand) 10.629, 10.631
2. Daniel Rochna (Poland)

Heat 2
1. Stefan Ritter (Canada) 10.774, 10.777
2. Chengsu Kim (Korea) 0

Heat 3
1. Conor Rowley (Australia) 10.873, 10.723
2. Martin Cechman (Czech)

Heat 4
1. Mateusz Milek (Poland) 11.014 10.808
2. Carl Hinze (Germany)

Winners advance to 1/2 Finals – others ride 5th-8th Final.

Semi Finals – results not available

Heat 1
1. Bradly Knipe (New Zealand)
2. Mateusz Milek (Poland)

Heat 2
1. Conor Rowley (Australia)
2. Stefan Ritter (Canada)

Winners race for gold and silver – others for bronze.

Final for Gold – results not available
1. Bradly Knipe (New Zealand)
2. Conor Rowley (Australia)

Final for Bronze – results not available
3. Stefan Ritter (Canada)
4. Mateusz Milek (Poland)

Women’s Omnium

500m Time Trial
1. Elisa Balsamo (Italy) 36.066
2. Eleanor Dickinson (Great Britain) 36.287
3. Brooke Tucker (Australia) 36.414
4. Michaela Drummond (New Zealand) 36.483
5. Clara Copponi (France) 36.659
6. Olivija Baleisyte (Lithuania) 36.799
7. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Canada) 36.806
8. Summer Moak (United States) 37.073
9. Maria Novolodskaya (Russian Federati) 37.247
10. Emma Norsgaard Jorgensen (Denmark) 37.68
11. Franziska Brausse (Germany) 37.893
12. Wiktoria Pikulik (Poland) 38.153
13. Aksana Salauyeva (Belarus) 38.943
14. Ciara Doogan (Ireland) 40.213
15. Soraia Silva (Portugal) 40.549
16. Tatiana Duenas (Colombia) 41.339

Flying Lap
results not available

Points Race 20km
results not available

FInal Standings
1. Elisa Balsamo (Italy)
2. Michaela Drummond (New Zealand)
3. Maggie Coles-Lyster (Canada)

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