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Junior Track World Championships Day 2 Results + PHOTOS – Canadian WTP to Race for Bronze

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Junior Women's Team Pursuit  ©  Guy Swarbrick
July 21, 2016 (Aigle, Switzerland) – The Canadian Junior Women’s Team Pursuit squad including Devanney Collier, Maggie Coles-Lyster, Erin J. Attwell Attwell and Laurie Jussaume will race for bronze against France later today following the First Round results where they set a Canadian record again for the second time at these championships.

Junior Women's Team Pursuit  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Junior Women's Team Pursuit  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Stefan Ritter won his heat and advances in the 1/4 Finals in the Men’s Keirin while Nick Wammes who was 5th in his heat will race the First Round Repechages. Tristan Guillemette in Heat 1 in the Men’s Scratch Race and did not finish.

Stefan Ritter  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Ritter  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Ritter  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Nick Wammes  ©  Guy Swarbrick
Tristan Guillemette  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Women’s Team Pursuit

First Round
Heat 1
1. France 4:36.817
2. Poland 4:44.899

Heat 2
1. Great Britain 4:42.040
2. Japan DSQ

Heat 3
1. New Zealand 4:35.741
2. Australia 4:46.554

Heat 4
1. Italy 4:34.871
2. Canada 4:37.218
Devanney Collier
Maggie Coles-Lyster
Erin J. Attwell
Laurie Jussaume

All the teams from the First round dispute the Finals.
The winners of heats 3 and 4 in the First round ride the final for the gold and silver medals.
If in the heats 3 and 4 one team cathes the opponent, it will be a pistol shot, the fastest team can stop after that
moment. The slower team has to finish the race to set a time for the finals.
The remaining six teams will be ranked by their times in the First round and will be paired as follows:
The two fastest teams ride the final for the bronze medal.
The next two fastest teams ride the final for 5th and 6th places.
The final two teams ride the final for 7th and 8th places.
The heats will be ridden in the reverse of this order.

Men’s Scratch Race

Heat 1
1. Daehyeon Bae (Korea)
2. Daniel Babor (Czech Republic)
3. Corvalan Joaquin (Chile)
4. Atsunori Sogabe (Japan)
5. Luca Felix Happke (Germany)
6. Batsaikhan Tegshbayar (Mongolia)
7. Muhammad Danie Edy Suhaidee (Malaysia)
8. Vladyslav Shcherban (Ukraine)
9. Xeno Young (Ireland)
10. Tobias Edelbauer (Austria)
11. Kanstantsin Bialiauski (Belarus)
12. Joshua Van Wyk (South Africa)
REL Miguel Do Rego (Portugal)
DNF Savva Novikov (Russian Federation)
DNF Tristan Guillemette (Canada)

Heat 2
1. Luis Maria Garikano (Spain)
2. Moreno Marchetti (Italy) -1 lap
3. Cameron Scott (Australia) -1 lap
4. Alex Castaldo (Poland) -1 lap
5. Jake Stewart (Great Britain) -1 lap
6. Karim Buzin (Kazakhstan) -1 lap
7. Joab Schneiter (Switzerland) -1 lap
8. Nahuel Omar D’Aquila Silva (Argentina) -1 lap
9. Georgios Stavrakakis (Greece) -1 lap
10. Wilmar Molina (Colombia) -1 lap
11. Sakchai Phodingam (Thailand) -1 lap
12. John Kuhfahl (United States of America) -1 lap
13. Nicolas Boudat (France) -1 lap
14. Wen Chao Li (Chinese Taipei) -1 lap
15. Sasha Weemaes (Belgium) -1 lap

Top 10 riders will advance to the Finial.

Men’s Keirin

First Round

Heat 1
1. Conor Rowley (Australia)
2. Nick Rother (Germany)
3. Michael Minali (Italy)
4. Rocco King (South Africa)
DNF Zewei Zhan (People’s Republic of China)
REL Martin Cechman (Czech Republic)

Heat 2
1. Maxim Nalyotov (Kazakhstan)
2. Mikhail Dmitriev (Russian Federation)
3. Wade Theunissen (South Africa)
4. Nien Hsing Hsieh (Chinese Taipei)
5. Nick Wammes (Canada)
6. Tremaine Forde-Catwell (Barbados)

Heat 3
1. Chengsu Kim (Korea)
2. Sergey Ponomaryov (Kazakhstan)
3. Mateusz Milek (Poland)
4. Alex Jolliffe (Great Britain)
5. Brandon Pineda (Guatemala)
6. Joseph Monahan (United States of America)

Heat 4
1. Bradly Knipe (New Zealand)
2. Harrison Lodge (Australia)
3. Jakob Joensen (Denmark)
4. Nicholas Oestreich (United States of America)
5. Keigo Toya (Japan)
6. Ayrton De Pauw (Belgium)

Heat 5
1. Stefan Ritter (Canada)
2. David Orgambide (Spain)
3. Dawid Jankowski (Poland)
4. Franco Samuel Victorio Villaroel (Argentina)
5. Tadey-Ivan Chebanets (Ukraine)
6. Shion Nakajima (Japan)

Heat 6
1. Kevin Quintero (Colombia)
2. Josef Junek (Czech Republic)
3. Alejandro Martinez (Spain)
4. Tomas Agustin Suarez (Argentina)
5. Carl Hinze (Germany)
6. Hamish Turnbull (Great Britain)
7. Chetawan Samngamma (Thailand)

Heat 8
1. Dmitry Nesterov (Russian Federation)
2. Yunhyeok Jeong (Korea)
3. Jair Andres Mojica (Colombia)
4. Nicholas Paul (Trinidad and Tobago)
5. Warut Paekrathok (Thailand)
6. Weiming Yan (People’s Republic of China)
DNF Manuel Alejandr Resendez (Mexico)

The Winner from each heat will advance to 1/4 Finals, others will ride First Round Repechages.


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