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Junior Pam Am Championships Day Two Report, Results, Photos – Canada Wins Silver

report by Rob Good/CCA

April 12, 2011 (Mar del Plata, Argentina) – The Canadian Team, went into the Points race with high motivation. We knew that Mexico, Chile and Argentina, the host team, would be very strong. Emile Jean (Quebec) was the first to attack and take a couple of riders with him, although Emile did not score any points it set up Alex Cataford to gain a couple of early points in the 25km race.

The pace of the race was constantly high with riders being dropped from the 20 lap mark. The Canadian duo were part of three separate attacks in the mid part of the race however they were brought back to the field. On the last surge while our guys rested the decisive break went up the road and that sealed the fate of Jean and Cataford.

With both riders entered in the Individual Pursuit on Wednesday morning and no chance to get back on even terms with the seven teams that were up a lap, the two Canadians retired from the event.

Audrey Labrie (Quebec) was next to the line in the women’s 500m. Labrie had a difficult time getting out of the gate and managed to recover to finish in 8th position just behind the two riders from Mexico. Audrey is now preparing for the two team events on Wednesday.

Canada’s first medal came from Allison Beveridge who was up against a very strong young women from Mexico. Early in the 2km event the two women were within metres of one another. In the last 500m Beveridge was not able to keep pace and had to settle for a very hard fought silver medal. The was the first of eight events for the Calgary rider. In the qualifying round Nina Nesdoly (Ontario) just finished outside of the medal round for a very solid 5th place.

The Team sprint team was up against a stout squad from Equator. In the bronze metal match the Canadian team was just edged at the line….a fine performance by the entire team.

On Wednesday 9 of the 10 riders will be competing. It will be the busiest day of the week. The Canadian team has plans to reach the finals in all of the events. The racing starts early at 9am with Jean and Cataford in the Ind. Pursuit – then Aidan Caves and Kyle Buckosky making their debt in the men’s scratch race.

The following is the race report from Team Sprint rider Kris Ovsenek.

Hola, es Kris
Today was the first day of racing and it was full of excitement. After waking up and driving to the velodrome, it was time to prepare for the races. The day began with, my most important event, the men’s Team Sprint. The sprint team consisted of Daniel Mckenzie-Picot, Jesse Marans, and Kris Ovsenek. The team was third to the line, and was able to slip into fourth position, making them eligible for the bronze medal round in the afternoon.

In the women’s Individual Pursuit Allison Beveridge also qualified for the finals in the gold medal round. Nina Nesdoly came 5th in the Individual Pursuit, setting a personal best. Audrey’s first race of the week, the 500m, was not what she had hoped for. She is looking forward to the women’s Team Pursuit and Team Sprint tomorrow.

Racing continued in the afternoon with the men’s Points Race, where Emile Jean and Alex Cataford started out strong. They were unable to join into a key break, and so decided to pull out so that they could conserve their energy for the men’s Individual Pursuit tomorrow.

Next up, Allison Beveridge competed for the gold medal against Mexican rider Ingrid Drexel. The two fought strong, and Allison won the silver medal. Then we were back up for the Team Sprint and decided to change the order of riders in an attempt to achieve a better time. The team ended the day in fourth place.

Tomorrow the riders will compete in the men’s Individual pursuit, men’s Keirin, men’s Scratch race, women’s Team Pursuit and Team Sprint.

Kris Ovsenek

More photos from the Junior Pan Championships here.
Results can be found here.


Women’s 500 TT
1. Debora Coronel (Argentina) 37.748
2. María Paz Vicencio (Chile) 38.977
3. Ilonka Paola Jara (Chile) 39.036
4. Jodi Goodrige (Trinidad & Tobago) 39.137
5. Aline Tamez (Mexico) 39.259
6. María Fernanda Padilla (Mexico) 39.677
7. Marvia Nathalye Perez (Guatemala) 39.878
8. Audrey Labrie (Canada) 40.413
9. Erica Peralta (Argentina) 40.911
10. Paula Lucresia Guillen (Guatemala) 41.489

Men’s Points Race
1. José Alfredo Aguirre (Mexico)
2. Juan Ignacio Curuchet (Argentina)
3. Pablo Matías Reyes (Chile)
4. Julian Barrientos (Argentina)
5. Dorian Javier Monterroso (Guatemala)
6. Leandro Alves (Brazil)
7. Bryan Pinchao (Ecuador)
8. Rodrigo Bonilla (Uruguay)
9. Daniel Badilla (Mexico)
10. Luis Fernando Pop (Guatemala)
11. José Luis Rodríguez (Chile)
DNF Jamol Eastmond (Barbados)
DNF Dieferson Borges (Brazil)
DNF Alex Cataford (Canada)
DNF Emile Jean (Canada)
DNF Pedro Rodriguez (Ecuador)
DNF Feliciano Suarez (Uruguay)

Women’s Individual Pursuit


For Gold and Silver
1. Ingrid Drexel (Mexico) 02:36.8
2. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 02:38.8

For Bronze
3. Bianca Davis (Mexico) 02:41.9
4. Gabriela Rojas (Chile) 02:43.9

Junior Men’s Team Sprint


For Gold and Silver
1. Argentina (Serrano, Solda, Becaglagia) 48.997
2. Brazil (Freitas, Borges, de Sousa) 49.25

For Bronze
3. Ecuador (Delgado, Samaneigo, Gordilo) 49.755
4. Canada (Marans, McKenzie-Picot, Ousenek) 51.126

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