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courtesy of Joyride Productions Inc.

Joyride Bikercross, a freeride mountain bike race featuring World’s
bestwill be held in Whistler BC, Wednesday July 3rd, 2002. Presented by
the World Freeride Federation, Joyride Bikercross is back and ready to once
again take mountain bike competition to another level.

This year, the main event will feature the WorldÔ¡s top competitors
going head to head down a track littered with obstacles. Infested with big
berms, hip jumps, gap jumps, rhythm jumps and tabletops, the track has all
of the ingredients for hot spectating action.

Track design is key to Joyride Bikercross,& says Chris Winter,
Joyride’s President. “We want to showcase what is possible on a mountain
bike these days. Riders are capable of so much more than what we see in
current comp formats. Bigger jumps and flow are key elements for 2002.”

This year’s start list promises to impress. Stay tuned to
www.worldfreeride.com to see who will be coming up prior to the World Cup
in Vancouver to take on the local talent. Once again this year, unknown
rippers will be up again big name pros, freeriders against downhillers:
anyone can enter and anyone can win. Elimination is final as riders advance
to the next heat. Defending champ Dave Watson is considered the favorite to
win again.

The day will begin with an open freeride session on Whistler
Mountain’s Bike Park trails with the athletes, locals and spectators alike.
At 3 PM, the bikercross track transforms to host the qualifiers and the
racing begins. Joyride Bikercross 2001 main event begins at 6 PM. During
the day, spectators can chill out and listen to the DJ, grab a dog at the
BBQ, get a pro’s autograph at the athlete tent or do a few laps in the

Paddy Kaye, Joyride’s Director, is just as stoked about the event
as he is about the film production. “We’re going to be using some cutting
edge filming techniques for this year’s coverage,” says Kaye, “some justice
for the talent and terrain is due.”

Joyride Bikercross’ current partners include: Whistler-Blackcomb,
Electronic Arts, Cove Bikes, Sombrio Clothing, Bike Magazine, CFOX and
www.nsmb.com Men and women, boys and girls, fasten your seatbelts. Umm,
lower your saddles! www.worldfreeride.com

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