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Joe Martin – Stages 3 and 4

May 16, 2005 (Fayetteville, Ark.) – Stage three of the Joe Martin stage race was held in Devil’s Den Sate Park. It consisted of a flat section that pitched upwards for the remaining two miles gaining 680 feet with an average grade of 6.8%. Lyne Gaggioli proved she is the strongest rider here winning in a time of 9:44. Second place was won by Quark’s Grace Fleury in a time of 10:10 and Ford-Basis rider Chrissy Ruitier took third in a time of 10:29. Heading into the final day the General Classification has these same 3 leaders atop the leader board.

Joe Martin Stage 4
Audrey Lemieux of the Quark Cycling Team rode to her first NRC Victory on Sundays in the 4th stage of the Joe Martin stage race. While called a crit, the course through downtown Fayetteville was more like a circuit race, with a difficult uphill climb and twisty turns through the town center. Lemieux broke away from the main pack 20 minutes into the 60 minute race and was able to gain an advantage of 20 seconds.

It was then that Lisa Vetterlein of the Kenda Team bridged up and the two worked together to stay away. The two riders in front got some help from race leader Lyne Gaggioli of Monex who was not concerned, as neither rider was a threat to her leader’s jersey as well as Lemieux’s Quark teammates who moved to the front to block. The 20 second gap started to come down with three laps to go but a huge effort by Vetterlein followed by one by Lemieux assured that the two would fight it out for the uphill sprint win in front of the people of Fayetteville and the main field. On the last lap, as the riders approached the hill Vetterlein lead with Lemieux tucked in behind.

Waiting and showing poise and patience beyond her 20 years of age, Lemieux launched her sprint with 150 meters to go and instantly created a gap that carried her to victory. The girls of Quark raced to congratulate their young teammate in the process, Laura Van Gilder finished third just in front of Nicole Freeman of Ford-Basis and Quark riders Grace Fleury and Annette Beutler. Lyne Gaggioli finished safely in the bunch and won her forth consecutive Joe Martin Stage race trophy.

Joe Martin – Stage 3
1. Lyne Gaggioli Monex 9:44
2. Grace Fleury Quark Cycling Team 10:10
3. Chrissy Ruitier Ford-Basis 10:29

Joe Martin – Stage 4
1. Audrey Lemieux Quark Cycling Team
2. Lisa Vetterlein Kenda Tire
3. Laura Van Gilder Quark Cycling Team
4. Nicole Freeman Ford-Basis
5. Grace Fleury Quark Cycling Team
6. Annette Beutler Quark Cycling Team

Final GC
1. Lyne Gaggioli Monex
2. Grace Fleury Quark Cycling Team
3. Chrissy Ruiteir Ford-Basis
4. Katharine Carroll
5. Dotsie Cowden Colavita
6. Audrey Lemieux Quark Cycling Team

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