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Jericho Cyclo-Cross

October 31, 2005 – The seventh race in the BC Cross Cup was hosted by Team Wedgewood at the classic Jericho course on Vancouver’s waterfront. Weather was perfect with a partly cloudy sky and average temps that brought the racers and fans out for a great day of racing.

Men’s B saw a good field of 36 racers take on the former National Champs course. The course was at its best with a muddy section leading to the main run up proving the most technical challenge, slicker than normal grass sections and sloggy bark mulch areas all helped to slow down the lap times. Brad Collins took an early flyer and held a good gap for the first couple of laps but a group of three including Chiron Kantankis, Kim Steed and Simon Pulfrey worked together and caught Brad. They then settled things on the last lap and finished in the above order with Collins holding on to fourth. One notable result was female Kelly Jones who finished seventh in her prep for Nationals.

The Women’s race was missing some of the hot BC talent as they all prepared in their own way for Nationals but what did transpire was a battle of two clubs. The host Team Wedgewood raced against Team Coastal with Wedgewood’s Sarah Stewart taking the win over her teammate Christy Love and Coastal’s Amanda Butler.

Men’s A had a great battle between Andrew Pinfold and Andreas Hestler. An early crash by Pinfold took down some of the leaders and injured Drew McKenzie but all resumed racing and a mid race burst by Hestler and Pinfold managed to shake eventual third place finisher Norm Thibault. That left it a two man battle for the win. Going into the last lap “Pinner” was looking very comfortable on Hestler’s wheel and with a surge at the muddy run up Pinfold took the lead and held on for a comfortable win. McKenzie rode injured to finish fourth.

Thanks to all of Team Wedgewood’s sponsors and to event sponsors La Bicicletta and Craft custom clothing.

Ryan Morasiewicz has photos from the race posted Here

Men A
1. Andrew “Pinner” Pinfold Symmetrics Cycling
2. Andreas Hestler Rocky Mountain – Business Objects
3. Norm Thibault Frontrunners
4. Drew MacKenzie Sugoi Giant
5. Andrew Kyle Sugoi Giant
6. Kris Sneddon Kona – les Gets
7. Dan McDonald Opus – OGC
8. Kevin Calhoun Rocky Mountain
9. Basse Clement Rocky Mountain – Adobe
10. Jason Fluckiger Bayside
11. Kevin Noiles Escape Devo
12. Patrick Love
13. Matt Petterson Bicisport
14. Sven Sturm Organic Athlete
15. Jeff McCaughy
16. Duncan Steele Escape Devo
17. Jonathan Gormick Steed Cycles
18. Jay Murray Trek – Redtruck Ale
19. Rob Gosselin Atomic
20. Scott Malore Steed Cycles
21. Joe Lepine
22. Brian Anderson Sugoi Giant
23. Dan Molgat-Roy Pedalhead – Sleemans 1 lap
24. Rick Rodland Flora Glo – Norco 1 lap
25. Scott Laliberte Blak Dog 1 lap
26. Chris Barth Bayside 1 lap
27. Scott McGregar Steed Cycles 1 lap
28. Mart Otten OWC Oldenzaal 1 lap
29. Will Pratt Bike Barn DNF
30. Mathew Chater Steed Cycles DNF

Elite Women
1. Sarah Stwart Team Wedgewood
2. Christy Love Team Wedgewood
3. Amanda Butler Team Coastal
4. Shera Molday Team Wedgewood
5. Barb Zimich Team Coastal
6. Lee Darling Team Coastal
7. Katherine Warrendorf Team Wedgewood
8. Heather King Team Wedgewood
9. Lesley Trivett Team Wedgewood
10. Linda Chow Team Coastal 1 Lap
11. Christa Barr Team Coastal 1 Lap

Men B
1. Chiron Kantankis Escape/Devo
2. Kim Steed Steed Cycles
3. Simon Pulfrey
4. Brad Collins Sugoi
5. Mark Bennett Cables and Cogs
6. Jeff Ain Escape/Devo
7. Kelly Jones (w) Sugoi – Bianchi
8. Craig Sabourin
9. Gordon Ross Escape/Devo
10. Brian Storey Escape/Devo
11. Trevor Hopkins FloraGlo
12. Brian Griffin Wentings Cycle
13. Raffi Titizian
14. Chris Sayers
15. Bob Chew Escape/Devo
16. Jonathan Cheung Escape/Devo
17. Jeff Hanninen Peninsula Cyles
18. Brent Hambleton
19. Christian “Bro” Hansen
20. Matt Drown Krebs Cycle
21. Kenny James Escape/Devo
22. Steve Fecho
23. Ron Klopper
24. Dave Watt Trek – Red Truck Ale
25. Kevin Thorpe Escape/Devo
26. Ryan Cousineau Escape/Devo
27. Dave Nowak Frontrunners
28. Rob Bitz
29. ER Brown
30. Adam Galbraith CVC
31. Barry Brennan
32. Meshkat Javid
33. Cam Finnigan 1 lap
34. Edwin Beange Krebs Cycle 1 lap
35. Jason Sandquist Frontrunners DNF
36. Bryce Fegley DNF

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