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INTERVIEW with Jasmine Glaesser on Winning SILVER in Women’s Points Race Canada’s 4th Medal @ 2016 UCI Track Worlds + Report, Results, Photos

by pedalmag.com
Women's Points Race podium  ©  Guy Swarbrick
March 05, 2016 (London, UK) – Jasmin Glaesser claimed silver in the Women’s Points Race, just missing out on the gold while bringing Canada’s medal total to four including fourth in the nation ranking. Katarzyna Pawlowska of Poland took the gold and Arlenis Sierra Canadilla of Cuba won the bronze. Canada now sits fourth in the nation rankings, with two silver and two bronze medals.

Interview with Jasmin Glaesser

Jasmine Glaesser  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“It’s bitter-sweet after 100 laps of racing it came down to the last sprint and not even 1/2 a bike length for the World Championship jersey… that’s a tough one to swallow. I didn’t have the best race at the start and was hoping for a bit of a harder race. I prefer when it’s a race of attrition, but it was a lot more tactical with positioning going into the early sprints,” said Glaesser. “I was too hesitant during the first half and luckily I was able to have a comeback and get a few points near the end but it wasn’t quite enough.

Jasmine Glaesser takes silver in the Women's Points race  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“I’m a little frustrated with myself for that and was worried I wasn’t even going to claw myself back onto the podium. I knew I needed to finish ahead of the British and Australian riders, because we were all close on points. I didn’t realize until after that it was just that one point that would have made the difference between gold and silver. The Points Race has always been my best event but I’ve never made it to the top step, and I really wanted it out there today. Still I have to be happy given that I almost didn’t make the trip to the Worlds following my crash at the Hong Kong World Cup – so from that perspective I’m proud of myself and my teammates for helping me get through,” she concluded.

Jasmine Glaesser  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Glaesser, who had previously won a silver medal in this same event, came within half a wheel of winning the title, finishing third in the final sprint for a total of 14 points, one less then Pawlowska of Poland – one position higher, and Glaesser would have donned the Rainbow Jersey.

Kate O'Brien  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Canada had riders in two other events, both of which conclude on Sunday. Kate O’Brien is having the run of her life in the Women’s Sprint qualifying in 13th and advancing to 1/16 finals where she won against Kaarle McCulloch of Australia and raced the 1/8th final but lost. She reclaimed her position winning her 1/8th Repechages heat and will now contend the 1/4 finals on Sunday. Fellow Canuck Monique Sullivan qualified 27th and did not advance.

Monique Sullivan  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“It’s kind of funny,” commented O’Brien, “I’m pretty new to the whole sprint thing, and this was the first time I was able to go in a sprint tournament as part of it, rather than thinking I didn’t belong, or that everyone else was better.  I went in not really expecting anything good or bad, and tried to ride my own race.  And it worked out, which was nice.

Kate O'Brien in her Repechages  ©  Guy Swarbrick

“All this is just gravy to me.  We are always aiming for better and better results, but I’m going to try to go into tomorrow thinking the same things I was thinking today. You never know what can happen, and I’m just going to try to execute the best race that I can. Whatever happens, happens.”

Allison Beveridge  ©  Guy Swarbrick

Allison Beveridge is tied for 9th in the Women’s Omnium following the first three events – Scratch Race, Individual Pursuit, Elimination. The Omnium waps up on Sunday with the 500m TT, Flying Lap, and Points Race.

Allison Beveridge  ©  Guy Swarbrick


Women’s Sprint


1. Stephanie Morton (Australia) 0:10.8
2. Tianshi Zhong (China)
3. Kristina Vogel (Germany) 0:00.1
4. Anastasiia Voinova (Russian Federation)
5. Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong)
6. Natasha Hansen (New Zealand) 0:00.2
7. Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)
8. Elis Ligtlee (Netherlands)
9. Lin Junhong (China)
10. Anna Meares (Australia) 0:00.3
11. Katy Marchant (Great Britain)
12. Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)
13. Kate O’Brien (Canada)
14. Virginie Cueff (France)
15. Jinjie Gong (China)
16. Miriam Welte (Germany)
17. Jessica Varnish (Great Britain) 0:00.4
18. Olga Ismayilova (Azerbaijan)
19. Emma Hinze (Germany)
20. Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain) 0:00.5
21. Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)
22. Daria Shmeleva (Russian Federation)
23. Liubov Basova (Ukraine)
24. Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz (Mexico) 0:00.6
25. Fatehah Mustapa (Malaysia)
26. Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)
27. Monique Sullivan (Canada)
28. Helena Casas Roige (Spain) 0:00.7
29. Sandie Clair (France)
30. Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba) 0:00.8
31. Kayono Maeda (Japan)
32. Migle Marozaite (Lithuania) 0:00.8
33. Takako Ishii (Japan) 0:01.0

1/16 Final
Heat 1
1. Stephanie Morton (Australia)
2. Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz (Mexico)

Heat 2
1. Tianshi Zhong (China)
2. Liubov Basova (Ukraine)

Heat 3
1. Kristina Vogel (Germany)
2. Daria Shmeleva (Russian Federation)

Heat 4
1. Anastasiia Voinova (Russian Federation)
2. Juliana Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)

Heat 5
1. Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong)
2. Tania Calvo Barbero (Spain)

Heat 6
1. Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)
2. Emma Hinze (Germany)

Heat 7
1. Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)
2. Olga Ismayilova (Azerbaijan)

Heat 8
1. Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)
2. Elis Ligtlee (Netherlands)

Heat 9
1. Lin Junhong (China)
2. Miriam Welte (Germany)

Heat 10
1. Anna Meares (Australia)
2. Jinjie Gong (China)

Heat 11
1. Virginie Cueff (France)
2. Katy Marchant (Great Britain)

Heat 12
1. Kate O’Brien (Canada)
2. Kaarle Mcculloch (Australia)

1/8 Final

Heat 1
1. Stephanie Morton (Australia)
2. Kate O’Brien (Canada)

Heat 2
1. Tianshi Zhong (China)
2. Virginie Cueff (France)

Heat 3
1. Kristina Vogel (Germany)
2. Anna Meares (Australia)

Heat 4
1. Lin Junhong (China)
2. Anastasiia Voinova (Russian Federation)

Heat 5
1. Wai Sze Lee (Hong Kong)
2. Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)

Heat 6
1. Natasha Hansen (New Zealand)
2. Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)

1/8 Final Repechages

Heat 1
1. Kate O’Brien (Canada) 11.617
2. Anastasiia Voinova (Russian Federation)
3. Laurine Van Riessen (Netherlands)

Heat 2
1. Anna Meares (Australia) 11.416
2. Virginie Cueff (France)
3. Jessica Varnish (Great Britain)

The winner of each heat advances to the 1/4 finals

Men’s Sprint

1/4 finals

Heat 1
1. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
2. Gregory Bauge (France)

Heat 2
1. Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
2. Sam Webster (New Zealand)

Heat 3
1. Damian Zielinski (Poland)
2. Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)

Heat 4
1. Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)
2. Callum Skinner (Great Britain)

5-8 Final
5. Fabian Hernando Puerta Zapata (Colombia)
6. Gregory Bauge (France)
7. Sam Webster (New Zealand)
8. Callum Skinner (Great Britain)


Heat 1
1. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
2. Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)

Heat 2
1. Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Final for Bronze

Heat 1
1. Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 2
1. Denis Dmitriev (Russian Federation)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Final for Gold

Heat 1
1. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)
2. Jason Kenny (Great Britain)

Heat 2
1. Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
2. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)

Heat 3
1. Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
2. Matthew Glaetzer (Australia)

Women’s Points Race Final
1. Katarzyna Pawlowska (Poland)
2. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada)
3. Arlenis Sierra Canadilla (Cuba)
4. Georgia Baker (Australia)
5. Emily Nelson (Great Britain)
6. Stephanie Pohl (Germany)
7. Kimberly Geist (United States Of America)
8. Gulnaz Badykova (Russian Federation)
9. Jarmila Machacova (Czech Republic)
10. Ina Savenka (Belarus)
11. Elena Cecchini (Italy)
12. Lotte Kopecky (Belgium)
13. Minami Uwano (Japan)
14. Ganna Solovei (Ukraine)
15. Elise Delzenne (France)
16. Alzbeta Pavlendova (Slovakia)
17. Irene Usabiaga Balerdi (Spain)
18. Yao Pang (Hong Kong, China)
19. Caroline Ryan (Ireland)
20. Ausrine Trebaite (Lithuania)

Women’s Omnium

Scratch Race
1. Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)
2. Simona Frapporti (Italy)
3. Laura Trott (Great Britain)
4. Laurie Berthon (France)
5. Sarah Hammer (United States)
6. Jolien D’Hoore (Belgium)
7. Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
8. Annette Edmondson (Australia)
9. Anna Knauer (Germany)
10. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong)
11. Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba)
12. Xiao Ling Luo (China)
13. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)
14. Mei Yu Hsiao (Chinese Taipei)
15. Tamara Balabolina (Russian Federation)
16. Allison Beveridge (Canada)
17. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela)
18. Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
19. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan)
20. Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)

Individual Pursuit
1. Sarah Hammer (United States) 3:28.6
2. Laura Trott (Great Britain) 0:03.8
3. Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus) 0:06.1
4. Kirsten Wild (Netherlands) 0:06.3
5. Jolien D’Hoore (Belgium) 0:07.6
6. Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark) 0:09.0
7. Laurie Berthon (France) 0:09.4
8. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 0:09.5
9. Lauren Ellis (New Zealand) 0:09.7
10. Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba) 0:09.9
11. Annette Edmondson (Australia) 0:10.9
12. Tamara Balabolina (Russian Federation) 0:12.3
13. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain) 0:13.2
14. Xiao Ling Luo (China) 0:13.2
15. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong) 0:14.3
16. Simona Frapporti (Italy) 0:14.5
17. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela) 0:16.2
18. Anna Knauer (Germany) 0:17.2
19. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan) 0:19.3
20. Mei Yu Hsiao (Chinese Taipei) 0:28.4

1. Sarah Hammer (United States)
2. Laura Trott (Great Britain)
3. Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)
4. Laurie Berthon (France)
5. Annette Edmondson (Australia)
6. Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)
7. Anna Knauer (Germany)
8. Jolien D’Hoore (Belgium)
9. Simona Frapporti (Italy)
10. Allison Beveridge (Canada)
11. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela)
12. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)
13. Xiao Ling Luo (China)
14. Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)
15. Mei Yu Hsiao (Chinese Taipei)
16. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan)
17. Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)
18. Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba)
19. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong)
20. Tamara Balabolina (Russian Federation)

Standings after 3/6 events
1. Sarah Hammer (United States)    112 points
2. Laura Trott (Great Britain)    112
3. Amalie Dideriksen (Denmark)    106
4. Laurie Berthon (France)    96
5. Kirsten Wild (Netherlands)    92
6. Jolien D’Hoore (Belgium)    88
7. Annette Edmondson (Australia)    78
8. Simona Frapporti (Italy)    72
9. Anna Knauer (Germany)    58
10. Allison Beveridge (Canada)    58
11. Tatsiana Sharakova (Belarus)    50
12. Leire Olaberria Dorronsoro (Spain)    50
13. Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba)    48
14. Xiao Ling Luo (China)    48
15. Lauren Ellis (New Zealand)    40
16. Xiao Juan Diao (Hong Kong)    38
17. Angie Sabrina Gonzalez (Venezuela)    36
18. Tamara Balabolina (Russia)    32
19. Mei Yu Hsiao (Taiwan)    28
20. Sakura Tsukagoshi (Japan)    18

Men’s Omnium

Kilometer Time Trial
1. Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark) 1:02.4
2. Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)
3. Elia Viviani (Italy) 0:00.2
4. Tim Veldt (Netherlands) 0:00.4
5. Glenn O’Shea (Australia)
6. Adrian Teklinski (Poland) 0:00.7
7. Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong) 0:01.0
8. Jasper De Buyst (Belgium) 0:01.1
9. Sang-Hoon Park (Korea) 0:01.4
10. Gael Suter (Switzerland) 0:01.6
11. Roger Kluge (Germany) 0:02.0
12. Mark Cavendish (Great Britain) 0:02.1
13. Thomas Boudat (France) 0:02.1
14. Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation) 0:02.1
15. Artyom Zakharov (Kazakhstan) 0:02.2
16. Ignacio Prado (Mexico) 0:02.8
17. Aaron Gate (New Zealand)
18. Jacob Duehring (United States) 0:03.1
19. Kazushige Kuboki (Japan) 0:03.2
20. Gideoni Monteiro (Brazil) 0:04.6

Flying Lap

1. Elia Viviani (Italy) 0:13.1
2. Glenn O’Shea (Australia)
3. Tim Veldt (Netherlands)
4. Mark Cavendish (Great Britain) 0:00.1
5. Adrian Teklinski (Poland)
6. Sang-Hoon Park (Korea) 0:00.2
7. Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)
8. Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)
9. Jasper De Buyst (Belgium) 0:00.3
10. Gael Suter (Switzerland)
11. Roger Kluge (Germany)
12. Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation) 0:00.4
13. Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong)
14. Artyom Zakharov (Kazakhstan)
15. Thomas Boudat (France)
16. Aaron Gate (New Zealand) 0:00.5
17. Jacob Duehring (United States)
18. Ignacio Prado (Mexico) 0:00.6
19. Kazushige Kuboki (Japan) 0:00.8
20. Gideoni Monteiro (Brazil) 0:00.9

Final Standings
1. Fernando Gaviria Rendon (Colombia)
2. Roger Kluge (Germany)
3. Glenn O’Shea (Australia)
4. Elia Viviani (Italy)
5. Lasse Norman Hansen (Denmark)
6. Mark Cavendish (Great Britain)
7. Tim Veldt (Netherlands)
9. Thomas Boudat (France)
9. Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)
10. Artyom Zakharov (Kazakhstan)
11. Viktor Manakov (Russian Federation)
12. Chun Wing Leung (Hong Kong)
13. Adrian Teklinski (Poland)
14. Gael Suter (Switzerland)
15. Sang-Hoon Park (Korea)
16. Kazushige Kuboki (Japan)
17. Ignacio Prado (Mexico)
18. Gideoni Monteiro (Brazil)
19. Aaron Gate (New Zealand)
20. Jacob Duehring (United States)

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