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iXS Swiss National MTB Marathon Series #3

July 8, 2006 (Schleitheim, SUI) — Last Sunday, July 2, Canadian Martina Feldmann (CAN, X.O-Felt) made it to the podium with a third-place finish at the third race in the iXS Swiss National MTB Marathon Series in Schleitheim, Switzerland.

Feldmann finished the 59-kilometre loop in a time of 2:27:37, six minutes back from winner Antonia Wipfli (SUI, Gisler-Visiongate) and only seconds behind second place, Yvonne Grossglauser (SUI, Imboden Bike). Fellow Canuck and teammate Sandra Walter (CAN, X.O-Felt) finished fifth in the event.

Speeds were high on the fast course, as it was dry and consisted mostly of gravel and paved roads and 1300 vertical metres of climbing. Urs Huber (SUI, Stöckli-Craft) won the U23 Men’s race on the 59-kilometre course in a time of 2:03:04.

On the long loop, Dolores Mächler-Rupp (SUI, PeRu Racing Team) covered the 90 kilometres and 2500 vertical metres of climbing in 3:54:06 to finish first.

Sandro Spaeth (SUI, Craft-BMC) won the men’s race in 3:25:12 in a very tight race that depended very much on drafting and road tactics because of the nature of the terrain.

Women (59km)
1. Antonia Wipfli (SUI, Gisler-Visiongate) 2:21.11.7
2. Yvonne Grossglauser (SUI, Imboden Bike) at 6.08.5
3. Martina Feldmann (CAN, X.O-Felt) 6.25.4
4. Sandy Kunz (Elgg), 6:38
5. Sandra Walter (CAN, X.O-Felt) 8.31.1

Women (90km)
1. Dolores Mächler-Rupp (SUI, PeRu Racing Team) 3:54.06.4
2. Esther Süss (SUI, Ghost) at 1.12.6
3. Fabienne Heinzmann (SUI, Thömus Racing Team) 6.41.0

Men (90km)
1. Sandro Spaeth (SUI, Craft-BMC) 3:25.12.5
2. Thomas Zahnd (SUI, Stöckli-Craft) at 0.08.4
3. Frédéric Frech (FRA, Scott Allianz Suisse) 0.08.7

U23 Men (59km)
1. Urs Huber (SUI, Stöckli-Craft) 2:03.04.8
2. Rudolf Biedermann (SUI, Scott Allianz Suisse) at 5.23.2
3. Florian Peiry (SUI, Texner-BMC) 5.24.4

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