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Interview With Wendy Simms

by Andrew Rogers

April 18, 2009 (Monterey, CA) – We caught up with Canada’s top cyclocross and MTB rider Wendy Simms (Kona) decked out in her new kit with her new Kona bike for a brief interview following the women’s Super D on Friday at the Sea Otter Classic where Simms placed 4th.

How did it feel out there with your new bike and new kit?
Wendy Simms: I’ve never done this course and wanted to try out my new bike and get the kinks out before Sunday’s xc race.

How did it unfold for you?
WS: I wasn’t smart. I was pulling everyone at the beginning through the wind. Rachel (Lloyd) attacked, then Kelli (Emmitt), and with Mary Ellen Ash on my wheels for most of the race I was cooked. Then towards the last hill I went to attack but Kelli attacked before me, and Mary Ellen (she’s a sprinter) waited for the right moment and passed me.

What could have worked better for you?
WS: Looking back on it, I could have used a bigger gear, and after I got up to speed I didn’t pedal, so I was tucking in and drifting. On the positive side I got a good feel for my new full suspension bike and it feels great!

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