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Interview with Tune Your Ride – Travelling Musicians on Two Wheels

by Peter Kraiker

The stage is powered by one of the cargo bikes and an audience member  ©  Peter Kraiker
September 09, 2014 – The musical collective Tune Your Ride has just wrapped up their 2014 summer tour with a final performance in Port Hope on August 31st. In total the tour had 6 stops and covered about 450 km.

SVFF = Shelter Valley Folk Festival  ©  Peter Kraiker
They carry all their gear on two Yuba Mundo cargo bikes, including the instruments, speakers and cables. The bikes are equipped with power assist drives to help with the hills and these are used to power the stage as well.

Ben Hermann  ©  Peter Kraiker
The Tune Your Ride Tour is an off-shoot of the Toronto Bicycle Music Festival which will take place on September 14th in three different locations around Toronto. It starts at noon in Allen Gardens before heading to Nathan Philips Square. Then it’s off to Christie Pits with a group ride in between each venue.

The bike featured is a Yuba Mundo  ©  Peter Kraiker
Pedal Magazine caught up with the artists at their Shelter Valley Folk Festival performance where they were part of the weekend festivities:

For more information visit Tune Your Ride or Toronto Bicycle Music Festival.

James Hetmanek was presented with a souvenir Shelter Valley Folk Festival sign  ©  Peter Kraiker

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