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Interview With Rob Good

January 10, 2005 – After the London Velodome kickoff on Sunday, January 9, Pedal caught up with Rob Good, one of the enthusiasts who spearheaded the development of the facility.

How did the launch go today? Were you happy with the turnout?

RG: Hi Matt, the launch went very well. We presented our vision for the facility, with a video of a 6-day race in Montreal playing in the background along with our unofficial theme song “Bicycle Race” by Queen kicking off the meeting. I’d say we hit a home run. Over 100 cyclists came out for the presentation – great response, now we just have to collect the donations for fundraising.

How did the community feel about the presentation?

RG: It was apparent that everyone in attendance want to see this project get started. It’s only been three weeks since I made the phone call to inform Pedal what was happening in London. It seems that the community is behind the project with many members of the L.C.W. & L.C.C. in the crowd.

How is your sponsorship hunt going?

RG: Sponsors have been coming on board over the last week and there will be more announcements coming soon. I will also start to provide figures on how much funding has been raised. It will be broken down into three areas: Corporate, Private Fundraising, Track Share option.

What is the benefit to supporting or sponsoring the track?

RG: Companies will get excellent exposure through our youth programs, disabled themes, Kids Help programs and much more. Plus they’re supporting a vibrant, clean, and healthy activity. I’ve had quite a few calls already and when they hear more about what we have planned we expect even more support to come in. The project would like to see 20 corporate partners on board to support our initiative. If we can sell all of the spots for our race nights (Wednesdays, Fridays, & Saturdays) will be jumping.

What are your longterm goals with the facility?

RG: Already we are working on three other participation sports to help cover the costs of operating the building. Running will almost certainly startup at the same time as the velodrome.

How does it feel to be part of this dream?

RG: I have had this idea in my head for a long time along with Albert Coulier. To come as far as we have with all the support from across Canada is fantastic. The OCA (Ontario Cycling Associaton) and CCA (Canadian Cycling Association) have been outstanding and have come to the table with help when we asked. We had to change the name slightly to register the website which will be www.ForestCityVelodrome.ca. We hope people will visit often for regular updates.

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