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Interview with Rob Britton

by pedalmag.com

June 7, 2009 (Oregon) – Following Rob Britton’s (Can) Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes great victory on Saturday as he won the grueling Stage 3 Wy’East Road Race, 147.2km/92-miles, at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic we caught up with him for a brief interview to find out more the stage, the team, and future plans.

Congrats on your stage win – how does it feel to win such a tough stage?
Rob Britton: It was a great day at Mt. Hood, I had done this race last year and with the way the GC was sitting going into stage 3 it was looking like it would have a similar finish. That is tempo to the base of the mountain and then the big guys start slugging it out for GC. I really wanted a stage win here and I felt like I had the form to do it – and thanks for posting those results so quickly yesterday.

Tell us about the stage and how it unfolded.
RB: It was all fairly mellow until about 10km to go when Roman Kilun (OUCH) attacked to set up the counter from teammate Chris Baldwin. I was able to mark his attacks and with Mach (Bissell) sitting on I just tried to stay patient and calm until the final kilo. Chris started to wind it up with about 300 to go I still felt like I had the legs so I jumped and got a gap and just put my head down and gave ‘er. The whole team rode for me all day everyday this week so I didn’t want to let them down. Winning today was probably the best feeling I could ask for! Pretty euphoric!

How do you and the team feeling overall going into the final stage on Sunday?
RB: We’re feeling great going into the crit on Sunday. It looks like we are sitting in 2nd for the Team GC so that’s a nice testament to how well we have been riding as a unit. Right now we’re only 1 second out of 3rd in the GC and Jamie is just outside the top ten. If we play it right hopefully we can change that up a little…

What’s next for you after Mt. Hood?
RB: After we’re all done in the Hood I think the plan is to head back home for a little bit to rest up for the next block of racing – Banff/ Nationals/Yaletown/Superweek/Cascade. Should be fun! Hopefully things continue on as they have been with the team this year. With everyone riding so well I’m really looking forward to the upcoming races.

Congrats again on your stage win and all the best with the rest of the season.
RB: Thanks.

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