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Interview with Reid McClure on Signing with Team Novo Nordisk

by Ben Andrew

December 30, 2016 – Calgary’s Reid McClure will be jumping into the professional ranks with Pro Continental Team Novo Nordisk in 2017. McClure has been riding with the Novo Nordisk Development squad, competing in races in Canada, the United States and in Europe. Pedal Magazine caught up with McClure about his exciting news for next season.

McLure and Team Novo Nordisk 2017 at Stone Mountain Training Camp  ©  Team Novo Dorkisk

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
Reid McClure: I’m 22 and was born in Edmonton, but I now call Calgary home; it’s where my parents live. I’ve been active my entire life whether it be soccer, hockey or ski racing. I was diagnosed with diabetes at three. I now go to Quest University Canada where I’m pursuing a degree in Arts & Sciences.

Reid McLure  ©  Team Novo Norkisk
How has the Novo Nordisk Development team prepared you for this jump to the pro ranks?
RM: Without understanding it initially, I learned everything I know about racing a bike from the Team Novo Nordisk’s development team. It was with them that I did my first UCI races. They also showed me how a cycling team operates. While our devo program operates on a much smaller scale than the pro team, it has basically the same structure as they do.

McLure and Team Novo Norkisk 2017 at Stone Mountain Training Camp  ©  Team Novo Dorkisk
Have you discussed your role with the team and do you have any personal ambitions for next season?
RM: My first races will be at the Mallorca Challenge, a series of four one-day races. After that, I am scheduled to race at the Tour of Costa Rica. Then the team will evaluate my performances and will decide my next race. Being a neo-pro, this is the first time I will be racing at this level, so my personal ambitions are to help the team and gain experience, which I will get simply by starting at this calibre of races.

Reid McLure  ©  Team Novo Norkisk
The team competes at top pro events as well as develops athletes who have diabetes. How has this shaped you as an athlete, and do you have any advice for other athletes also managing diabetes?
RM: I don’t think the team has changed me as an athlete. I still race my bike because I love training, racing and on rare occasions, winning those races. However, this team shows that athletic achievements can mean more than a place on the podium. The team aims to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes.  We want to show that diabetes does not stop us from chasing our dreams and it shouldn’t stop others from chasing theirs.

McClure will race with some of the best in the world next season. Watch out for this motivated young rider as he continues his development with Team Novo Nordisk.

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