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Interview with Karol-Ann Canuel @ Richmond 2015 Road Worlds + MORE Team Canada Photos

by pedalmag.com

September 24, 2015 (Richmond, VA) – Pedal also chatted with Canada’s Karol-Ann Canuel on the rest day about her gold medal ride in the Elite Women’s TTT at the 2015 UCI Road World Championships. Canuel talks about going deeper than ever before, how it affected her ITT performance two days later, and about the upcoming road race – plus more photos.

Elite Women's Road Team (l-r) Denise Ramsden, Leah Kirchmann, Alison Jackson, Karol-Ann Canuel, Joëlle Numainville (missing Annie Ewart and Tara Whitten)  ©  Peter Kraiker
Joëlle Numainville  ©  Ethan Glading
Elite Men's Road Team (l-r) Ryan Roth, Guillaume Boivin, Ryan Anderson, Michael Woods, Hugo Houle (missing Antoine Duchesne)  ©  Peter Kraiker
Ryan Roth and Mike Woods  ©  Ethan Glading
Team Canada  ©  Ethan Glading
Derek Gee  ©  Ethan Glading
Ryan Anderson  ©  Ethan Glading

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