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Interview w/High Performance Director Jacques Landry at Cycling Canada AGM

by pedalmag.com

November 10, 2014 (Milton, ON) – The 2014 Cycling Canada Annual General Meeting was held recently from Oct. 24-26 in Milton. Pedal was on the ground to cover the event and spoke with High Performance Director Jacques Landry about what’s in store for the organization’s HP initiatives, including the move of its track program to the new Milton Velodrome facility. Landry began with Cycling Canada back in 2008 and gives us his perspective on the past six years of his tenure and the exciting future of the organization with Milton and the TO2015 Pan Am Games just ahead.


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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    Basically Canadian bike racers need to perfect their training, riding efficiency, and skills to be competitive at International level. I watched our top track cyclist in the Olympics make crass mistakes during competition. You could see his desire and power but also his inefficiencies.

    Secondly we need experienced skilled successful coaches and we are getting those overseas. Good. These experienced old school/new school coaches can teach Canadian coaches a winning formula. All the home grown coaches I know don’t come from a good successful coached background. Formula for failure.

    It seems to me that Jaques sees what I’ve been seeing for years athletes not guided properly (training and skills) to their full potential. Hopefully with this new facility in Milton and good imported coaches everyone will learn and improve.

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