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International Keirin Track Cup – MacDonald and Sullivan on Top

June 26, 2008 – Canadians were all over the podium at the International Keirin Cup, June 20-21 in Breinigsville, PA. Mark MacDonald (Can) won the One Mile Elite Men’s “Dash for Cash”, Stephanie Roorda (Can) won the Elite Women’s 10km Scratch Race, and Monique Sullivan (Can) won the Elite Women’s Keirin Cup Finals.


Elite Men

One Mile “Dash for Cash”

Heat 1
1. Mark MacDonald (Can)
2. Nicholas Reinert (USA)
3. Claudio Claveles (Arg)

Heat 2
1. Ben Barczewski (USA)
2. Simon Van Velthooven (NZl)
3. Bobby Lea (USA)

1. Mark MacDonald (Can)
2. Marcos Sanatucho (Arg)
3. Edward Dawkins (NZl)


Semi Finals

Heat 1
1. Roberto Chiappa (Ita)
2. Leandro Bottaso (Arg)
3. Lanell Rockmore (USA)

Heat 2
1. Ben Barczewski (USA)
2. Simon Van Velthooven (NZl)
3. Edward Dawkins (NZl)

1. Roberto Chiappa (Ita) 11.176
2. Ben Barczewski (USA)
3. Lanell Rockmore (USA)

UCI 15km Scratch Race

1. Bobby Lea (USA) 18.45.539
2. Shane Kline (USA)
3. Peter Fitzpatrick

Elite Women

UCI 10km Scratch Race

1. Laura McCaughey (Aus) 14.35.629
2. Kim Guest (USA)
3. Stephanie Roorda (Can)

3km Prime Race

1. Jessie Maclean (Aus)
2. Veronica Martinez (Arg)
3. Nina Santiago (USA)

UCI Keirin Cup Finals
1. Monique Sullivan (Can) 13.299
2. Elizabeth Carlson (USA)
3. Colleen Hayduk (USA)

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