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Intermontane Delivers on Singletrack – Stage Profiles Released

release by the Intermontane Challenge

February 5, 2009 (Kamloops, B.C.) – The Intermontane Challenge is rolling into 2009 on the gas with the release of our long awaited and hugely anticipated Stage Profiles! Thanks to Course Designer Dustin Adams, the Intermontane will contain a ton of awesome single-track and deliver on our promise to create a true off road mtb stage race — Kamloops style!

The stage profiles released to date include 4 of the 5 stages for the July 27-31 event with one exception — the yet to be released Epic Stage # 4 that will be the toughest day of the race with more distance, climbing and single-track. This stage is being kept under wraps for now but rest assured this signature course will take its place among the most demanding of any current stage race out there.

Check out the profiles, the numbers speak for themselves! All the hard climbing will be balanced out with a ton of descending each day creating a great challenge for the racers. For example, the 5th and final stage is a time-trial and is 72% single-track set right in the heart of Kamloops! The single-track is some of the best of the entire event and should be packed with spectators to cheer on the racers after four long hard days in the saddle. This stage will also create a huge amount of drama as it will be the deciding factor in all of our categories — including the battle for our top prize of $10,000 CDN in the male and female solo categories — no excuses on this stage… just each racer going against the clock with some clear single-track ahead of them!

After crossing the finish line racers will become an official “Intermontane Finisher” and take in the post-race party and festivities to celebrate their achievements. Once spring hits, further refinements to the stage data will be updated on the race website including stage names, expected winning times and scouting reports.

Being the hard-ass that our course designer is this is how Dustin sums it up — “Bring your full suspension bike and get ready to ride a lot of single-track. We’re cramming a weeks worth of racing into five days and people are going to need the comforts of our plush accommodations, believe me” says the former World Cup level rider. “Racers will be rewarded for their suffering on the climbs with some big descents, that’s what cross-country riding is all about in Kamloops — every up has a sweet down”.

The Intermontane is covering ground on the sponsorship front as well and an announcement regarding our Title Sponsor is coming soon! Thanks to the tireless efforts of Event Coordinator Chuck Brennan, this key partnership has allowed the Intermontane Challenge to permanently drop its entry fee to $950.00 CDN plus tax for 5 days of single-track racing — continuing on with the successful Boxing Day Sale pricing over the holidays. The unique cloverleaf course design combined with the punch of this new sponsor has allowed the Intermontane to achieve un-equalled value for the competitor during the current economic times — forget all the doom and gloom and come rip our trails and make your dollars go further!

Not to be overlooked is the exclusive partnership with Oso Negro Coffee of Nelson, BC. The java hounds at Oso Negro will be coming up with a very special Intermontane Blend Coffee for the event which will be served each morning with our hearty breakfasts to keep racers fired up and ready for what the race will throw at them. “We are stoked to be offering our racers the very best quality coffee to keep them buzzing all week” , says Marketing Director Kelly Servinski. ” The guys at Oso Negro get it – the whole coffee and mountain biking connection and care about the environment making it a great fit for our event , and why not have your own blend”¦..that’s cool in our books!” says Servinski. Get your java fix by hitting the Oso Negro website www.osonegrocoffee.com .

Thanks to our buddies at Thule, we will be continuing our draw for a chance to win some free gear that’s open to any new entry coming in the month of February. See our website for the details on this sweet offer from Thule! It’s the middle of winter and we’re already having fun — July is going to be a blast!

For the scoop on all of these updates and more check out the race website at www.intermontanechallenge.com . Register now and be a part of the new buzz coming out of Kamloops this summer!

Click here to view the Stage 3 course profile.

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