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Interbike 2011 Report Day 2 – Rocky, LeMond Trainer, American Classic, CycleOps, Dahon, Fizik, Axiom, Polar and Chain

by Paul Newitt and Mike Sarnecki

September 20, 2011 (Las Vegas, NV) – The buzz continued in the City of Sin as Day 2 unfolded at Interbike 2011 with aisles and booths full of enthusiasts taking in all that’s new for next season. The 29er revolution continues to gain traction and we looked at wheelsets, trainers, folding bikes, saddles, the new pedal power, seatposts and pumps and winter cycling boots – plus we have some great videos coming soon…

Rocky Mountain Vertex 990 RSL 29er

The Rocky Vertex 990 RSL is the latest hardtail 29er that has already been piloted to World Cup victories by Geoff Kabush and Marie-Helene Premont and features Rocky Mountain’s proven race geometry in a super light and stiff package. Other highlights indlcude a FORM™ C13 Hi Mod Carbon Smoothwall Monocoque frame with a tapered head tube, a Press Fit BB. 29, and a RockShox SID XX 29 15mm. Check out our Interbike video coverage of the Vertex  990 RSL coming soon. www.bikes.com

LeMond Revolution Trainer

The LeMond Revolution trainer is a ground-breaking direct drive bicycle trainer that closely mimics the feel of the road by using High Inertia Technology. A large flywheel is used to mimic the inertia of a rolling bicycle. The LeMond Revolution simply replaces the back wheel of the bike, which eliminates wear and tear on the tire and any slipping of the rear wheel. The trainer can work with all drive trains (SRAM, Shimano and Campy) and can also be used with a mountain bike by adding a special spacer. All pertinent data is displayed including watts, cadence, distance, speed, heart rate, and calories with USB and ANT+ download capability. SRP is $629 w/o cassette; $679 w/Shimano 12/25 10-speed Cassette; www.vellendtech.com

American Classic Wheelsets

American Classic has numerous new product offerings including a magnesium wheelset, a road tubeless system, and a new MTB Race tubeless wheelset.  The MTB Race comes in both 26″ & 29″ versions and weight in at 1321g & 1420g respectively.  The MTB Race wheelset uses a 28mm wide rim, enabling the rider to run narrower tires at lower pressures for a lightweight and supply ride.  The MTB Race wheelset will retail for $999 USD. www.amclassic.com

CycleOps PowerCal

For those riders who would like to train with power but don’t want to break the bank, CycleOps is introducing the PowerCal, the world’s first power meter calculated from heart rate.  Using their extensive research, data, & experience with power (PowerTap), CycleOps is able to use heart rate as a predictor of power – based on the user completing a power profile test (performed with a power meter).  The user simply uploads the data collected from the profile test into the PowerCal and the unit will estimate the users power – for all activities.  The targeted accuracy is within 5% over durations greater than 20mins as the short changes in output cannot be accurately captured by this method.  But for the user who wants to start using power, or add power to their mountain biking, this is an affordable option as the suggest retail price for the PowerCal is $249 USD. www.cycleops.com

Dahon Jifo 16

Ken Fagut showing off the Dahon Jifo 16. The Jifo can be folded in less than 7 seconds thanks to a revolutionary longitudinal folding frame with latch technology. The telescopic bimodal bar seat-post adjusts with the folding of the bike, and after folding the saddle can still be used for balance as a chair. The Jifo features 16″ wheels, halfwing mudguards, a 60.7 x 25.5 x 59.5 cm fold size, and an 8.95 kg weight. Check out our Interbike video on the speed this bike folds and unfolds coming soon. www.dahon.com

Fizik Saddles

The latest Kurve saddles from fi’zi:k adapt to your every twist and turn. These saddles are designed to bring comfort from the base, not the top and feature built-insensory receptors that respond to your bodies motion – called Re:Flex. Along with Re:Flex, the Kurve’s also feature: Wing Flex™, flexible sides; Twin Flex™ – interwoven fibres forming a flexing hammock; a Mobius Rail – a continuous circular rail made from cold forged 2014-T6 Alluminium; and two Tuners – interchangalbe tension systems that allow riders to customize their flex from soft to hard. www.fizik.com

Axiom Seatpost and Blastair Mini Pump

Norco’s proprietary brand, Axiom had a couple of new products on showcase at the Interbike show.  The Flip-flop Seatpost pannier rack is the first rack designed to work on bikes of varying sizes without a complicated system.  Using a clever extension beam, it an be flipped around to either work with a large or small bicycle. The Blastair series of mini-pumps are manufactured out of CNC aluminum and are light and sleek.  As light at 84g and rated as high as 160 psi, these are small and efficient pumps new to the market. The Blastair comes in two options: high volume or high pressure. www.norco.com

Polar Power

The new KÉO Power from Polar and Look is a highly accurate pedal that measures power output at the pedal spindle. The system provides instant feedback by measuring power output in watts and is easy to switch between bikes. The Pedal features: an injected Carbon body; Stainless steel axle; and a 0°, 4.5°, or 9° float. Pedal and accessories weigh in at 408g for the pair and use Kéo grip cleats. The KÉO Power is compatible with Polar CS600X, CS600, and CS500 cycling computers. www.polarusa.com

Chain Winter Cycling Boots

Newly available in Canada, just in time for the chilly fall riding season is the Chain MTB Artica Winter Cycling boot.  Handmade in Italy, this ‘winter’ cycling shoe will serve Canadian’s quite well during the fall and spring riding seasons, as it is sure to keep the wind and wet off of your feet.  Weighing in at 386g, this shoe is versatile for riding and training in the foul weather or even during a cold mucky cross race. www.arg-sports.com

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