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IMBA Survey About Mtn Biking, Support Your Trails

release by IMBA Canada

February 07, 2013 – What should IMBA do next to improve mountain bike trails? Donate $10 for better trails and get an IMBA coozie free. Every donation of $40 or more earn a free 25th Anniversary Calendar.

IMBA’s mission is to build and protect the trails you ride. We need your input now to determine where we should focus our efforts.

Click HERE to complete our quick and easy mountain biking poll.

IMBA is the non-profit organization that represents mountain bikers like you.

Take a look HERE at 12 things we did to improve our sport in 2012.

Isn’t the future of our trails and parks worth investing in? Shouldn’t we give back to the land we enjoy year after year? We’re building amazing new trails for 2013 right now and we’re working to keep your favourite riding areas open. We can’t do it without your help. Please support the work we do in your area and all over Canada with a generous donation.

Thanks in advance for your feedback and support.

P.S. Every donation also earns 20 per cent off all the gear at the IMBA Canada store.

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