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IBF Update and Reminders

October 18, 2002 – The 2003 Cycle-Recycle Calendars are off the press. For a preview see

Most of IBF's operating money comes from it's association and sponsorship of unique, enriching, people-to-people programs (though we also accept straight donations). We would like to draw your attention to a some of these programs:

Vietnam (NEW) – for more information see http://www.ibike.org/ibike/vietnam/vietnam.htm or email back to us.

Ecuador – for more information see http://www.ibike.org/ibike/ecuador/ecuador.htm or email back to us.

Cuba – for more information see http://www.ibike.org/bikeafrica/uganda.htm or email back to us.

There is an article on this program by Eric Mathurin in the September/October 2002 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. Free trail issues are available at https://www.adv-cycling.org/magazine/.

If you would like to read an entertaining article on one of the West Africa programs go to http://www.clevermag.com/travel/africabike.htm (Clever Magazine) for Hope Wall's “Six people, Five Bikes and an African Panther.”

The deadline for the annual student bicycle essay contest is in May, but it is never too early to submit an entry. If a student's birthday is before May it may be advantageous for them to submit their entry before their birthday. For more information see www.ibike.org
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