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Ian Melvin to Leave Cycling Canada for Japan

release by Cycling Canada

September 13, 2017 – Ian Melvin is departing the helm of Cycling Canada’s Men’s Track Endurance Program to help Japan qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. As of October 2nd, Melvin will join the Japan Cycling Federation as Head Track Endurance Coach.

Men’s Team Pursuit  ©  Cycling Canada
Working from Izu, Japan, home of the track cycling events at the 2020 Olympic Games, Melvin’s main focus will be to lead both Japanese men’s and women’s track endurance programs to 2020 Olympic qualification and to create long term high performance pathways for the country.

“I am incredibly proud of what I have been a part of creating since I joined Cycling Canada. Leaving behind my team of athletes and staff has been the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make professionally. As a program, we have achieved some wonderful performances and results, laying down a strong foundation for this group to continue building upon towards their goal of 2020 Olympic qualification. I count myself privileged to have been a part of Canadian history alongside these riders and will carry with me some wonderful memories for life.”

“I’d like to thank Jacques [Landry, Chief Technical Officer – Head Coach at Cycling Canada] for having the faith in me and supporting me for the last four and a half years. Many Performance Directors wouldn’t have had the confidence, but he let me run with my ideas and continued to back me. With ongoing support from Jacques and Cycling Canada, I am confident that this program can continue to build and impress the world.”

“Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to my riders; those that I am working with currently and everyone who has come through the program. Despite the challenges and hurdles that we have faced, you have never given up and continue to prove people wrong. You’ve grown so much, not only as athletes but as young men, and the daily camaraderie is something that I’ve never experienced anywhere else before. You are truly an example for the next generations to follow and I am honoured to have shared in part of your journey.”

During his tenure as Men’s Track Endurance Coach at Cycling Canada, Ian Melvin was able to take a program that was hovering around the 4:14 mark in the men’s Team Pursuit Event, and shave off 15 seconds in the span of 3 years. Melvin accomplished this feat by creating a high performance environment underpinned by a solid road program, great technical work on the track and surrounding himself with key support staff.

“Ian came to Cycling Canada in June of 2013 with a white canvas to work from, but with very little funds. It is pretty impressive to see what he was able to accomplish during that 4 year span,” said Jacques Landry. “It’s unfortunate to lose Ian just as our program was gaining real momentum but at the same time, when a program like our men’s track endurance program makes gains like it has, it is normal that other countries want the architect of that program. It’s part of the game. My only consolation with losing Ian is that we must be doing something right if other countries are looking at what we are doing and want to emulate.”

With Melvin leaving his position as Head Men’s Track Endurance Coach, Cycling Canada will be publishing a job posting shortly, with the hope of having a replacement in place for November; one month out from the hosting of a Track World Cup at the National Cycling Centre in Milton.

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