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Hooked on Bikes Exhibition

February 25th, 2006 – This Hooked on Bikes exhibit focuses on the bicycle, that everyday expression of fun and freedom. We trace its evolution through a collection of vintage bicycles from the Canada Science and Technology Museum, some of them very surprising by their ingenious or excentric design. You can even see for yourself what it was like to ride a penny-farthing!

Bicycle mechanics as wel get a thorough going-over at the Chez Pépé workshop. Interactive modules are used to demonstrate physical concepts, as applied to bicycles, that are sure to fascinate the curious of all ages.

The many fans of cycle touring bear witness here to their incredible expeditions, in Quebec and around the world, and their passion for cycling. Cyclists can also take a quiz to test their traffic safety knowledge.

Writers, singers, postermakers, and cartoonists, as well as visual, circus and theatre artists, have paid homage to this instrument of freedom, coveted by some, admired and glorified by others. A small park is set aside for visitors, who will be charmed by original works inspired by bicycles.

The bicycle, free-spirited and romantic, has a long history, a dynamic present and a future full of promise. Hooked on Bikes will be at the Museum of Popular Culture in Trois-Rivières from February 25 2006 to November 16 2008.

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