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Homage to Ice April 12 – Pre-registration Closes April 9

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 ©  Peter Kraiker/KraikerPhoto.com
April 02, 2014 (Mansfield, ON) – Ditch the trainer on April 12 and head out to Mansfield Outdoor Centre to ride the Homage to Ice! What will the conditions be like for the H2i? Well, we can’t guarantee there won’t be snow (thanks, Polar Vortex), but we can guarantee a fun mountain bike race no matter what the conditions, with great prizes and a hot chilli meal.

 ©  Peter Kraiker/KraikerPhoto.com
We’ve all spent way too long in spin classes and on the rollers this year. It’s time to get back riding outside! The H2i starts the XCMarathon Cup mountain bike series on what will be the best possible and most carefully-designed trail for early-season riding. In addition to our time-tested routes, the H2i crew has secured permits for use of some gravel roads and more trails adjacent to Mansfield OC. This means we can create a course to start the mountain bike season right, regardless of the weather!

 ©  Peter Kraiker/KraikerPhoto.com
Stretch your race legs before the first O-Cup and kiss winter goodbye –rediscover riding at the Homage to Ice!

Full details here. Get up-to-the-minute info on facebook or twitter.

Pre-registration closes Wednesday, April 9 at midnight (payment must be received by midnight on Thursday, April 10 via Interac e-transfer, or you can mail it if you get your act together). So register in advance (and save some money)!

 ©  Peter Kraiker/KraikerPhoto.com

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