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History of the Youth Program at Kallisto-FCV

release by Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team

February 09, 2017 (Waterloo, ON) – The Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team is a development youth cycling program that supports Mountain Bike, Track and Road cycling programs in Ontario. Here’s a look at the history of the youth program at Kallisto-FCV.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda

History of the Youth Program at Kallisto-FCV

In late April, our first youth ride hit the roads in London with a bit of “Keystone Cops” action…. the kids were only familiar with fixed wheels and when we came upon the first stop sign, the kids started pedaling backwards to stop…. You can imagine the size of the pileup that happened when the ride leaders stopped…. back to the FCV parking lot so we could demonstrate how to ride with brakes & gears.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
The summer program was an extension of the FCV winter track program as a way to keep riders engaged throughout the summer.

In late 2011, the Team Attack initiative with new team kits being designed and worn by team members. The first Ontario youth cup races were attended and a contingient of Team Attack riders were sent to the Ontario Cup race at Springbank park to challenge other teams from all around Province.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
Riders for all ages began to receive coaching & race advice to make them better racers.

The Invita bike shop (Mississauga) wanted to help the team and the Invita-FCV Junior Cycling team was born.  It was the first time our Junior program started to make heads turn in the province…. who are these guy’s.  The Invita-FCV team, placed 7 riders on the Squad that represented Canada at the Junior Pan Am Championships.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
The team kit manufacturer, Kallisto, signed on as the team’s title sponsor and Toyo Tires as the secondary sponsor, and the Kallisto-FCV pb Toyo Tires team was born. Team Attack riders were merged into the squad and everyone from youth, elite, and master riders now raced under the Kallisto-FCV banner.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
In The years to follow, the Youth program grew to over 30 riders and in back to back years, Bayley Simpson & Sarah Mason won Junior Track Omnium Championships.

The KW Youth Cycling Academy opened in Waterloo, the studio caters to youth cyclists of all ages.
In association with the Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team, the Waterloo Cycling Studio has Youth oriented classes.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
In July 2016 Nick Wammes of Bothwell Ontario and Ali Van Yzendoorn of Orillia Ontario represented Canada at Track World Championships.

On November 12 2016, Bayley Simpson of Lindsay Ontario was an alumni Kallisto-FCV member of the team that won Canada’s first ever men’s Gold medal in track World Cup competition. In July 2016 Nick Wammes of Bothwell Ontario and Ali Van Yzendoorn of Orillia Ontario represented Canada at Track World Championships.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
These athletes come from towns all over Southern Ontario, but share one thing in common. They were all members of Kallisto-FCV, a youth development program originally founded at the Forest City Velodrome in London Ontario.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
Recognized as one of the premier youth development programs in Canada, Kallisto-FCV is currently helping athletes 9 to 19 years old pursue their Olympic dreams.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
Kallisto-FCV has helped many athletes achieve their dreams… Ryan Aitcheson 2016 USA Criterium Champion, Joseph Veloce attended the 2012 Olympics as a sprint competitor, Nick Zukowski 2016 Road Junior World Championships, Trevor O’Donnell 2016 and 2017 Cyclo-cross World Championships.

[P] Sandy Rauwerda
2017 & beyond:
As we head into 2017 the Kallisto-FCV p/b Peloton Contracting Youth Cycling Team is expanding to include older members that will help mentor our young team of athletes during the up coming Mountain Bike, Road & Track season. We are always looking to help young athletes with their big dreams. If that sounds like you, contact the Youth Program at Kallisto-FCV: info@kallistocyclingteam.com

Visit the Kallisto-FCV Youth Cycling Team website here.

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