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4th Annual Hell of the North Results and PHOTOS

by pedalmag.com

April 09, 2012 (Uxbridge, ON) – The 4th annual Hell of the North epic road race saw 150 racers take to the challenging 136km gravel/dirt course on Sunday. The race starting and finshing at The Endras Family Farm was made even tougher this year with the addition of nearly 30 km of leg busting gravel and dirt roads. Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel) won the event in a time of 3hrs 41mins with second place, Marc Andre D’Aigle  (Garneau), finishing with the same time. Pacale Brussieres  (Team Spirit) took third spot.



1. Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel) 3:41
2. Marc Antdre Daigle  (Garneau)
3. Pacale Brussieres  (Team Spirit) 1:00
4. Nigel Grey
5. Nathan Chown (Team CF)
6  Osmond Bakker (Octto) 4:56
7. Peter morse (Jet Fuel) 6:56
8. Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel) 9:17
9.  Andrew Watson (Norco) 9:19
10. Stephen Keeping 11:20
11. Brian Truman 12:20
12. Jeremy Hat
13. Chris Firek (Wheels of Bloor)
14. Tim Carleton  (Tall Tree Cycles) 13:05
15. Matthias Schmidt (WoB) 3:14
16. Andrew Randell (jet Fuel) 14:40
17. Braden Pritchard 17:00
18. Chris Gruber (Champion Systems)
19. Stephan Deshaeis
20. Colin Engel (RealDeal Racing) 18:04

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