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Hell and Heck of the North Results and PHOTOS

by pedalmag.com
Bakker and Barson with the trophy [P] Peter Kraiker
March 28, 2016 (Ballantrae, ON) – Here are the results and a selection of photos from the 90km “Hell of the North” that is fast becoming one of the toughest events on Ontario’s spring calendar, plus the 70km Heck of the North. Both were held on Sunday, March 27 and featured rail trails, dirt roads and some of the area’s nicest climbs.

Hills always feature in HOTN [P] Peter Kraiker
Ashley Barson (Rise Racing) and Osmond Bakker (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Development) took top honours at the Hell of the North, while Lindsay Sferrazza (Kallisto-Fcv P/B Toyo Tires) and Adam Bird (Neworld Cycle) led the Heck of the North fields.

Trevor O'Donnel (RealDeal/D'Ornellas) & Matthew Staples (Centurion) shadowed by the Velofix support vehicle [P] Peter Kraiker
Adam Meyers (Pedal Harder) leads the Heck pack [P] Peter Kraiker
Heck of the North peloton [P] Peter Kraiker
Grahame Rivers (OCTTO) tried an early solo attack [P] Peter Kraiker


Heck of the North

Women – 70 km – Average Speed 36.1 km/h  
1. Lindsay Sferrazza (Kallisto-Fcv P/B Toyo Tires, SF20-29) 1:56:24
2. Miriam Brouwer (The Cyclery-Opus, SF20-29) 1:07
3. Kael Deverell (Independent, SF20-29) 11:59
4. Thea Mizuhara (Rise Racing, SF20-29) 17:34
5. Katie Ozolins (Giant Toronto/Liv Pb Powerwatt, SF20-29) 23:01
6. Jaclyn Stelmaszyk (Independent, SF30-39) 27:41
7. Barbie Hope (Rise Racing, SF20-29) 40:38
8. Hetti Cheung (London Phoenix Cc, SF30-39) 42:35
9. Christie Simon (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SF30-39) 51:22
10. Melanie Solmon (Midweek Cycling Club, SF50-59) 54:07
11. Tracey Sullivan (D’Ornellas Cycling Club, SF50-59) 1:44
DNS Dana Gilligan (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SF1-19)

Men – 70 km – Average Speed 38.0 km/h  
1. Adam Bird (Neworld Cycle, SM20-29) 1:50:23
2. Justin Rogers (Waspcam, SM40-49) 1:17
3. Brad Bradford (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM30-39)
4. Sean Boileau (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM30-39)
5. Mike Little (Neworld Cycle, SM30-39)
6. Dorel Pop (La Bicicletta, SM40-49)
7. Carlos Rodriguez (B1 Evo Cycling, SM40-49)
8. Arthur Parsons (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM40-49)
9. Derek Oosterveen (Neworld Cycle, SM20-29)
10. Jonathan Maloney (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM30-39)
11. Vadim Kats (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM40-49)
12. Tony Jacques (Independent, SM20-29)
13. Gavin Kerr (Angry Johnny’S P/B Norco & Gar, SM1-19)
14. Michael Ybanez (Pedal Harder, SM40-49)
15. Adam Myers (Pedal Harder-Six S Partners, SM30-39)
16. Noah Simms (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM1-19)
17. Kevin Simms (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM40-49)
18. Kevin Davis (Waspcam, SM50-59)
19. Igor Dragoslavic (Pedal Harder-Six S Partners, SM50-59)
20. Ayrton Dick (Alphavelo Q36.5 Racing, SM20-29)
21. Noah Rosen (Vélocolour, SM30-39)
22. Rolston Miller (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM40-49)
23. Jon Barnes (Trek Canada Mountain Bike Team, SM40-49)
24. Cole Schumacher (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM1-19)
25. Trevor Connor (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM40-49)
26. Samuel Berkun (Bikes On Wheels, SM20-29)
27. Gunnar Holmgren (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM1-19)
28. Kaleb Hellreich (Trek Store Cc, SM1-19)
29. Michael Nangle (Neworld Cycle, SM20-29)
30. Brian Kelly (Waspcam, SM40-49)
31. John Doe (Independent, SM50-59) 1:25
32. Greg Connor (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM40-49)
33. Mick Caturay (True North Road Corps, SM40-49) 3:25
34. Quentin Stossel (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM30-39)
35. Jim Neal (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM60+)
36. Graham Brereton (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM30-39)
37. Cameron Black (Independent, SM30-39)
38. Rolie Springall (Pedal Harder-Six S Partners, SM50-59) 4:31
39. Andy D’Angelo (Kurzawinski Coach – Bike Zone, SM40-49) 6:01
40. Vance Lai (Pedal Harder-Six S Partners, SM40-49) 6:01
41. Bolun Zhao (D’Ornellas Cycling Club, SM20-29) 6:01
42. Lindsay Sferrazza (Kallisto-Fcv P/B Toyo Tires, SF20-29) 6:01
43. Evert Lamb (Bikes On Wheels, SM30-39) 7:08
44. Miriam Brouwer (The Cyclery-Opus, SF20-29) 7:08
45. Billy Law (Billy’S Pro Bike, SM50-59) 7:08
46. David Staples (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM60+) 7:08
47. Roy Thomas (B1 Evo Cycling, SM50-59) 9:42
48. Stephen Cheung (Team Cf, SM40-49) 9:42
49. IAN Smith (Chain Reaction Cycling Club/Ec, SM50-59) 9:42
50. James Kritz (Speed River Cycling Club, SM40-49) 9:42
51. Peter Treacy (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club, SM50-59) 13:48
52. Steve Hart (Lapdogs Cycling Club, SM50-59) 13:48
53. Jason Chai-Onn (Pedal Harder-Six S Partners, SM40-49) 14:13
54. Robert Meeder (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SM40-49) 14:18
55. Tom Polci (Independent, SM20-29) 15:55
56. Sunny Chiu (B1 Evo Cycling, SM30-39) 16:57
57. John Alexander Mckinnon (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM30-39) 16:57
58. Kael Deverell (Independent, SF20-29) 18:00
59. Mitchell Kingsely (Angry Bass Racing, SM20-29) 21:31
60. Jeffrey Heacock (Independent, SM40-49) 21:31
61. Robert Boileau (Thunder Bay Cycling Club, SM60+) 23:12
62. Thea Mizuhara (Rise Racing, SF20-29) 23:35
63. Martin Lam (Billy’S Pro Bike, SM60+) 23:42
64. Mark Edey (Waspcam, SM40-49) 24:17
65. Justin Maloney (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM20-29) 25:32
66. Rob Visser (Barrie Cycling Club, SM50-59) 25:57
67. TAYLOR Cook (Independent, SM20-29) 27:28
68. Renson Clouden (Independent, SM40-49) 27:31
69. Thomas Armstrong (Angry Bass Racing, SM20-29) 28:26
70. Katie Ozolins (Giant Toronto/Liv Pb Powerwatt, SF20-29) 29:02
71. Martin Pitts (B1 Evo Cycling, SM40-49) 29:02
72. Henry Ng (Midweek Cycling Club, SM30-39) 29:53
73. Andre Cheuk (Canadian Cycling Magazine, SM30-39) 32:49
74. Jaclyn Stelmaszyk (Independent, SF30-39) 33:42
75. Mike Alderdice (Independent, SM50-59) 34:03
76. Pedro Caraballo (Full Throttle Cycling Club, SM50-59) 34:55
77. Jacob Plax (Independent, SM20-29) 36:27
78. Billy Chan (Billy’S Pro Bike, SM30-39) 36:38
79. Scott Rathbone (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM30-39) 36:47
80. Andy Mill (Waspcam, SM50-59) 41:40
81. Jeremy Tomashewski (Independent, SM20-29) 41:55
82. Enoch Tse (Midweek Cycling Club, SM30-39) 45:10
83. Barbie Hope (Rise Racing, SF20-29) 46:39
84. Jay Johnston (Independent, SM40-49) 46:39
85. Eric D’Arcy (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM40-49) 48:36
86. James Brooks (Cyclelogik Racing, SM40-49) 48:36
87. Hetti Cheung (London Phoenix Cc, SF30-39) 48:36
88. Christie Simon (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SF30-39) 57:23
89. Melanie Solmon (Midweek Cycling Club, SF50-59) 0:08
90. Eric Lee (Billy’S Pro Bike, SM50-59) 2:21
91. Tracey Sullivan (D’Ornellas Cycling Club, SF50-59) 7:45
92. Peter Larsen (Independent, SM50-59) 14:52
93. Filipe Da Luz (Independent, SM30-39) 17:35
DNF Trevor Jordan (Independent, SM30-39)
DNF Liam Wilson (Barrie Cycling Club, SM20-29)
DNF Paul Bradbury (Independent, SM50-59)
DNS Chris Bass (Angry Bass Racing, SM20-29)
DNS Dana Gilligan (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, SF1-19)
DNS Roger Waithe (D’Ornellas Cycling Club, SM50-59)
DNS Lev Blium (Newmarket Eagles Cycling Club, SM50-59)
NP Giles Marshall (Erace Cancer Cycling Team P/B, SM50-59)
NP Drew Hoffmann (Independent, SM30-39)
NP Jericho Burke (Morning Glory Cycling Club, SM1-19)
NP Scott Mcmann (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, SM50-59)

Hell of the North

Women – 90 km – Average Speed 26.9 km/h  
1. Ashley Barson (Rise Racing, LF20-29) 3:20:50
2. Vanessa Chan (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LF30-39) 47:29
3. Stephanie Cholyk (B1 Evo Cycling, LF20-29) 10:04
DNF Molly Mccracken (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LF20-29)

Men – 90 km – Average Speed 30.6 km/h  
1. Osmond Bakker (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Devel, LM40-49) 2:56:19
2. Graydon Staples (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, LM1-19) 1:36
3. Nick Friesen (Independent, LM30-39) 2:09
4. Peter Disera (Norco Factory Team, LM20-29) 2:44
5. Bruce Bird (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Devel, LM40-49) 2:48
6. Anton Varabei (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, LM30-39) 2:50
7. Nathan Chown (Team Cf, LM40-49) 2:53
8. Mark Brouwer (Neworld Cycle, LM20-29) 5:17
9. Erik Box (Cycles Devinci, LM30-39) 5:17
10. Trevor O`Donnell (Independent, LM20-29) 8:38
11. Jacques Cormier (Independent, LM30-39) 10:12
12. Paul Mckeever (To Wheels Epic Sports Bcc, LM30-39) 10:12
13. Jake Allaire (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, LM1-19) 10:22
14. Matthew Staples (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, LM1-19) 10:22
15. Benoit Boulay (Transports Lacombe/Devinci, LM20-29) 11:16
16. Andrew Bradbury (Blacksmith Cycle, LM20-29) 12:30
17. Grahame Rivers (Octto Cycling Team, LM30-39) 13:48
18. Mike Amaral (Independent, LM30-39) 13:57
19. Mark Palma (Ncch P/B Dec Express, LM40-49) 15:22
20. Kevin Lockhart (Midweek Cycling Club, LM40-49) 16:28
21. Bryan Tyers (Peterborough Cycling Club, LM30-39) 18:33
22. Hinkel Yeung (Bateman’S Bike Co, LM20-29) 18:34
23. James Keezer (Midweek Cycling Club, LM30-39) 19:31
24. Peter Morse (Mariposa Bicycles, LM40-49) 19:39
25. Marc Hunt (Tekne Cycle Club, LM30-39) 21:31
26. Bryan Rusche (Realdeal/D’Ornellas P/B Garnea, LM40-49) 21:31
27. Sean Wright (Cyclery Racing, LM50-59) 22:26
28. Ashley Barson (Rise Racing, LF20-29) 24:31
29. Jeremy Bridge-Cook (Morning Glory Cycling Club, LM40-49) 25:31
30. Brody Sanderson (Centurion Next Wave Cycling Te, LM1-19) 26:05
31. Kyle Boorsma (Transports Lacombe/Devinci, LM20-29) 31:06
32. Tim Mcclure (Team Cf, LM30-39) 31:30
33. Matthew Hornland (Mighty Cycling, LM30-39) 33:12
34. Timothy Carleton (The 11 Inc. / Pearl Izumi, LM30-39) 35:19
35. Andrew Maceachern (Morning Glory Cycling Club, LM40-49) 40:19
36. Scott Weldon (Novofit – Compass360Racing, LM30-39) 40:19
37. Marcus Boyle (Lapdogs Cycling Club, LM50-59) 40:33
38. Tim Griffin (Lapdogs Cycling Club, LM50-59) 40:33
39. Igor Provod (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LM30-39) 42:56
40. Dan Donovan (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LM30-39) 44:57
41. Martin Cloutier (B1 Evo Cycling, LM30-39) 47:42
42. Jeff Desroches (Zm Cycle / Awi Coaching, LM30-39) 47:42
43. Shawn Cranwell (Independent, LM40-49) 57:07
44. Jody Brown (Beaches Cycling Club (Bcc), LM30-39) 1:39
45. David Anthony (Octto Cycling Team, LM40-49) 2:34
46. Mike Spagnola (Bateman’S Bike Co, LM30-39) 2:36
47. Andrew Filarski (Morning Glory Cycling Club, LM50-59) 2:46
48. Michael Lo (Cookie Cycling Club, LM50-59) 4:09
49. Mark Weymouth (Waterloo Cycling Club, LM30-39) 17:25
50. Kevin Gibson (Waterloo Cycling Club, LM40-49) 17:25
51. Ross Shepherd (La Bicicletta, LM20-29) 25:10
52. Paul Mang (Mbrc.Org – Pedalinx, LM50-59) 25:10
53. Henry Au (Independent, LM50-59) 44:58
54. Kristoffer Hernandez (The Cycling Gym, LM30-39) 51:01
55. David Weir (Independent, LM40-49) 52:01
56. Michael Weir (Peterborough Cycling Club, LM50-59) 52:01
57. Bruno Presutto (Independent, LM40-49) 2:49
58. Vanessa Chan (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LF30-39) 12:00
59. Stephanie Cholyk (B1 Evo Cycling, LF20-29) 34:35
DNF Molly Mccracken (Dark Horse Flyers Cycling Club, LF20-29)
DNS Cameron Jette (Scott 3 Rox Racing, LM20-29)
DNS James Mcguire (Tekne Cycle Club, LM40-49)
DNS Paul Monczka (Morning Glory Cycling Club, LM60+)
DNS Rick Yazwinski (Blacksmith Cycle, LM40-49)
DNS Mark Cairns (Arp Racing P/B Apex Race Photo, LM40-49)
DNS Myke Seppa (Sudbury Cycling Club, LM30-39)

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