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Harris + Harris Midweek Handicap Criterium

August 5, 2004 – Last night’s crit was 38 laps of the oval.55 km circuit
for a total of 59km. The average speed was 42.3kph. Thanks to: Kit
McCaffery, Ann Wilson, Peter and Jordie Kofman (cones), M/c Pacer Jack
Chomicz, and the marshals from Lincoln Alexander Secondary School

A pair of sunglasses was left at the start. You may get them next week.


1. Darko Ficko La Bicicletta S1 1h 25′ 32″
2. Peter Morse Midweek Elite S1 s.t.
3. Heath Cockburn La Bicicletta S1 s.t.
4. Ed Makarchuk KHS MAs.t.
5. “Ol’ Matty” Hansen Jet Fuel S1 s.t.
6. Ed Maset Pavan MAs.t.
7. Jason Valenti MBRCS2s.t.
8. Jordie Kofman Midweek CCJUNAt 14″
9. Chris Atkins Midweek EliteS1At 22″
10. Mauro Martini PavanMBs.t.

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