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Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals – Elite/U23 Men Results, Start Lists, Updates

by pedalmag.com

November 30, 2013 (Surrey, BC) – The Elite/U23 Men’s race is soon underway at the 2013 Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals in Surrey, BC in tough cold rainy conditions – the Elite men will race for 60 min and the U23 Men for 50min – start Lists here.

Lap 1

Elite Men – Mike Garrigan (ON) gets the holeshot followed by a big stream of riders…

U23 Men Lap 1 – Connor Wilson (AB) leads the pack on the first lap…

Elite Men – Half way thru it’s Garrigan (ON) leading Geoff Kabush, Evan McNeely and Aaron Schooler…

Lap 2

Elite Men – The rain is pouring as Kabush leads w/Garrigan over McNeely at 1s – Schooler at 5s – Cam Jette at 20s…

U23 Men – Mike Van Den Ham is leading w/6s over Marc-Antoine Nadon – Trevor Peason is 3rd & Isaac Niles is 4th

Elite Men – Mid-way Kabush leads Garrigan and Schooler as McNeely crashed now at 6s w/Jette & Zandstra at 25s

Lap 3

Elite Men – Kabush continues to lead as Schooler is second at 5s – Garrigan is w/McNeely at 20s

U23 Men – Manitoba’s Van Den Ham has 35s on Nadon (ON) as they start the third lap…

Lap 4

Elite Men – Kabush has 8s on Schooler w/McNeely in 3rd at 25s – Jette and Zandstra pass Garrigan

U23 Men – Van Den Ham has over a minute on Nadon (ON) with 2 to go – waiting to see who is in 3rd – Trevor Pearson (BC) H&R Block is in third place…

Elite Men – It’s cold and rainy and getting dark at the men push on with defending champ Kabush leading his biggest challenger Aaron Schooler (AB)

Lap 5
Elite Men – Cold, rainy, getting dark – 3 to go as Kabush has 15s on Schooler – Jette & Zandstra @ 45s pass McNeely

U23 Men – Van Den Ham is on his last lap with over a minute on Nadon… then 2 min to Pearson

Lap 6
Elite Men – The rain has stopped as Kabush now has 30s over Schooler – Zandstra is 3rd and Jette is 4th at 1-min behind – then it’s McNeely in 5th at 10-15 sec back with Garrigan 6th another 20s back.


U23 Men
1. Michael Van Den Ham (MB) Cycle Smart 45:07:00
2. Marc-Antoine Nadon (ON) Scott-3Rox Racing 2:08
3. Connor Wilson (AB) Team AB/Juventus 3:39
4. Trevor Pearson (BC) Team H&R Block 5:28
5. Evan Wishloff (AB) Pedalhead Racing Club 6:56
6. Spencer Skerget (YK) 7:20
7. Jay Lamoureux (BC)  Tripleshot CC 8:03
8. Devon Moonie (BC)
DNF Isaac Niles (AB) Bicisport

Elite Men
1. Geoff Kabush (BC) Scott-3Rox Racing 1:00:29
2. Aaron Schooler (AB) Team H&R Block 1:01
3. Cameron Jette (ON) Scott-3Rox Racing 1:54
4. Derek Zandstra (ON) Scott-3Rox Racing 1:55
5. Mike Garrigan (BC) 3:23
6. Evan McNeely (ON) Norco Factory Team 3:24
7. Andrew L:Esperance (NS) Norco Factory Team 4:29
8. Kevin Noiles (BC) 4:49
9. Derrick St. John (QC) Stevens p/b The Cyclery 4:53
10. Craig Richey (BC) 5:14
11. Tyler Trace (BC) 5:17
12. Mark McConnell (AB) 6:00
13. Evan Guthrie (BC) Norco Factory Team 6:12
14. Kris Sneddon (BC) 6:20
15. Andrew Watson (ON) Norco Factory Team 6:33
16. Drew Mackenzie (BC) 7:48
17. Thomas Skinner (BC) 8:24
18. Raphael Lalumiere (BC) Russ Hays/Accent Inns 8:33
19. Kelly Guest (BC) 8:54
20. Brett Wakefield (BC) Local Ride Racing 9:59
21. Parker Bloom (BC)  10:53
22. Richard Machhein (BC) Local Ride Racing -1 lap
23. Terry Mckall (BC) Stuckylife/Viacra -1 lap
24. Shawn Bunnin (AB) Deadgoat Racing -1 lap
25. Geoffrey Homer (BC) -1 lap
26. Seth Lanauze-Wells (BC) -1 lap
27. Halldor Gunnarsson* (BC) -1 lap
28. Brandon Thomson (BC) Speed Theory -1 lap
29. Noah Bloom (BC) Garneau Evolution -1 lap
30. Sherwood Plant (BC) Mussette Cafe -1 lap
31. Matthew O’Hagan (BC) Ind -1 lap
32. Matt Hornland (BC) Mighty Cycling
33. Jamie Biluk (BC)



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