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Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals – Elite/Jr Women + Junior Men Results, Start Lists, Updates,

by pedalmag.com

November 30, 2013 (Surrey, BC) – Cold weather and rainy conditions are the order of the day for Elite/Junior Women and Junior Men’s races, 40 min., that are up next at the the 2013 Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals in Surrey, BC. The rain began in earnest yesterday and has been spitting off and on all day making for tough conditions… Start Lists here.

Lap 1
Elite/Junior Women – Wendy Simms (Kona) takes the holeshot with Dawn Anderson in second followed by Catharine Pendrel (Luna) and Mical Dyck (Pro City) behind.

Dyck and Pendrel are now leading…

Junior Men – Tyler Lee (Team ON) takes the holeshot as the Junior men’s race is now underway…

Elite/Junior Women – The rain has really picked up Pendrel is leading Dyck with 15s on chasers including Wendy Simms and Sandra Walter…

Lap 2
Elite Women – Pendrel leading Dyck with Wendy Simms at 3s and Natasha Elliott and Sandra Walter at 15s

Junior Men – Willem Boersma (Cycle Smart) is leading Sean Germaine (Team AB) in 2nd and Mason Burtnik (Team AB) in third.

Junior Women – Clara Mackenzie (Pro City) is leading the Junior W race

Elite Women – Pendrel and Dyck crashed in the same corner but both are back up – Pendrel has a 7s lead on Dyck and Simms with a big gap back to Elliott, Walter and the rest of the pack

Lap 3
Elite Women – Pendrel now has 7s on Simms w/Dyck another 2s back – Walter is 4th at 50s – Elliott is 5th @ 1min

Junior Men – Manitoba’s Boersma (Cycle Smart) continues to lead….

Elite Women – Pendrel extends her lead to 16s at the half way point as Dyck passes Simms

Junior Women – Mackenzie (Pro City) and Tarryn Cote (BC, Pro City) start their 3rd lap

Elite Women – Pendrel continues to hold steady at 15s over Dyck and Simms… Elliott takes over 4th at over a minute behind.

Elite Women – With 1/2 a lap to go Pendrel has 15s on Dyck as Simms is now 10s further back…

Junior Men – Manitoba’s Boersma (Cycle Smart) is alone out front….

Pendrel wins her first national CX title.

The race was apparently shortened due to weather conditions worsening thru the day…


Elite Women

1. Catharine Pendrel (BC) Luna Pro Team 38:28:00
2. Mical Dyck (BC) Pro City Racing / VAC 0:16
3. Wendy Simms (BC) 0:28
4. Natasha Elliott (ON) Rare Vos Racing 1:24
5. Sandra Walter (BC) LIV/giant canada 2:06
6. Chantell Widney (AB) PRW 2:26
7. Carey Mark (BC) Steed Cycles 2:51
8. Dawn Anderson (BC) Oak Bay Bikes/ Wheelers 3:11
9. Maghalie Rochette (QC) Cyclocrossworld.com 3:15
10. Andrea Bunnin (AB) Deadgoat Racing 4:20
11. Mandy Dreyer (ON) Tuf Rack Racing 4:36
12. Stacey Spencer (BC) 5:18
13. Tessa Pinckston (BC) Trek Red Bike 5:44
14. Morgan Cabot (BC) Glotman Simpson 5:47
15. Kelly Jones (BC) Steed Cycles 6:20
16. Denise Ramsden (NWT) Optum p/b Kelly Strategies 6:49
17. Shantel Koenig (AB) Redbike 7:45
18. Alexandria Massé (BC) 9:12
19. Brenna Pauly (BC) Tripleshot CC 9:49

Junior 17-18 Women
1. Clara Mackenzie (BC) Pro City Racing /VAC 37:18:00
2. Tarryn Côté (BC) Pro City Racing /VAC 1:01
3. Holly Simonson (BC) Pro City Racing /VAC 2:31
4. Kia Van Der Vliet (BC) Trailbikes 7:31
DNS Siobhan Kelly (ON) To Wheels / Specialized

Junior 17-18 Men
1. Willem Boersma (MB) Cycle Smart 36:46:00
2. Mason Burtnik (AB) Team AB/Juventus 1:03
3. Sean Germaine (AB) Team AB/Juventus  1:12
4. Joel Taylor (BC) Pro City Racing /VAC 2:29
5. Tyler Lee (ON) Team Ontario / St. Catharines CC 2:44
6. Rhys Verner (BC) Team Squamish 3:16
7. Kellen Viznaugh (BC) Revelstoke Cycling Assoc 3:45
8. Trevor Stothard (BC) Trek Red Truck 3:59
9. Fergus Horrobin (BC) Escape Velocity/Devo 4:11
10. Brendan Cowley (BC) 4:16
11. Christopher Macleod (BC) Tripleshot CC 5:40
12. James Grant (BC) 6:07
13. Damian Parlee (BC) 6:13
14. Oliver Wood (BC) Escape Velocity/Devo 8:05
15. Rowan Morris (BC) Tag Cycling 9:05
16. Finn Blackurn (BC) 10:03


CX Race Map and Profile  ©  CX Nationals

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