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Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals 2013 – Youth Challenge Results

by pedalmag.com
U13 W  ©  pedalmag.com
November 30, 2013 (Surrey, BC) – The 2013 Hansen Industries Cyclocross Nationals are underway in Surrey, B.C. as the Youth Challenge races began today at 8:35am – here are some unofficial results.

Results (brief)

U13 Women
1. Lilly Ujfalusi (BC) Escape Velocity/ Devo
2. Talia Hill (BC) Tripleshot CC

U13 M  ©  pedalmag.com
U13 Men
1. Cody Scott (BC) Devo
2. Evan Luksay (BC) Trail Bikes
3. Evan McBeath

U15 Women
1. Abbey McGill (AB) Juventus
2. Sarah Van Dam (BC) Tripleshot CC
3. Elizabeth Gin (BC) Escape Velocity/ Devo

U15 Men
1. Conor Martin
2. Brennan Hodgins* (WA) Cycle U
2. Cameron  Paul (BC) Tripleshot CC

U17 Women
1. Sidney McGill (AB) Juventus
2. Ruby West (ON)
3. Margaret Ovenell (BC) Escape Velocity / Devo

U17 Men
1. Stefan Ritter (AB) Juventus
2. Graydon Staples (ON) Centurion Development Canada
3. Sam Ogden (BC)



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