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Hamilton Velodrome in Jeopardy – URGENT Call to Action – Vote!

by pedalmag.com

August 30, 2011 (Hamilton, ON) – The proposed Hamilton Velodrome, which would host track cycling events during the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Summer Games and remain in place as a legacy for the community, continues to face problems in its planning stages along with budget woes, reports TheSpec.com.

One of the biggest issues standing in the way of the velodrome, is lack of funding, after initial estimates that the venue would cost $11 million have been inflated to as much as $49.5 million. This revised cost estimate was first revealed to Hamilton City Council on August 29, giving the City’s less than two weeks to come up with its share of the funding by the September 15 deadline – read more HERE.

The Hamilton Velodrome Community is now urging for the cycling community to give a voice to the cause by contacting City Council members and the Mayor and expressing the importance that the project come to fruition. Members of the Hamilton City Council can be contacted HERE.

There is a POLL up on the Hamilton Spectator website, asking the question on whether the Velodrome should be built for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The Poll is on the righthand side of the page, halfway down. Please take a few seconds and support the Velodrome.  The Poll will not be up for long, so please VOTE NOW!

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  1. Ben Aroundo, ON, Canada says:

    The greedy construction bastards have taken advantage of the peoples ignorance and have priced the Hamilton Velodrome out of existence.
    Cyclists are desperate for an officially sizes track (250 M) in the greater Toronto-Hamilton area to have world class events and to develop our athletes.
    The injured but highly motivated Jocelyn Lovell could not fight the greedy wolves and failed to have a velodrome built in the area back in the hay day of cycling..
    You so called fans of cycling really want a track then you have to be satisfied with an empty large warehouse (preferably donated by a city) and a wooden structure built by the Shelstreit (spelling?) family (London Velodrome builders) for under 1/2 million.
    Get volunteers with donated paint and brushes and a few stands and voila you have it for under one million.
    Cut the crap and get it done. Who’s going to be “our champion” for this?

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