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Grand Prix Bici Criterium 2006

August 1, 2006 – The Grand Prix Bici Criterium was held on Saturday, July 29. Rescheduled from its original date in April, when snow and rain prevented racing, the event was held on a closed road circuit at Race City Speedway in Calgary.

The highlight of the day was the Category 1/2 race, which featured solid team strategy and aggressive riding. Team H&R Block sent two riders up the road early in the race, only to be absorbed by the peloton after a few laps. Shortly after, a few other riders escaped the bunch, including Dutch stand-out Tim Heemskerk (United Cycle), who quickly dropped other attackers and built up a solo lead of over 30 seconds, and seemed destined to win solo.

An earnest chase, however, began late in the race as Heemskerk faded in the strong headwind of the long drag-strip finish straight. The chase split the peloton, with just six riders joining Heemskerk. Anthony Steenbergen (H & R Block) attacked with 1 km remaining, and took advantage of the hesitation of the chasers to capture the win, while team-mate Jeff Bolstad took the sprint for second.

Category 1/2 – 60 minutes + 2 laps, 3.2 km circuit

1 STEENBERGEN, Anthony (H & R Block) 1:09.48
2 BOLSTAD, Jeff (H & R Block) st
3 WOOD, Dan (ERTC/redbike) st
4 HEEMSKERK, Tim (United Cycle) st
5 COLLINS, Jesse (Bicisport) st
6 VEROBA, Robert (Bicisport) 1:10.09
7 WADE, Gary (Total Restoration) st
8 JENDZJOWSKY, Nick (Pedalhead Roadworks) 1:10.34
9 BORLEE, Harley (H & R Block) st
10 LAWRENCE, Peter (H & R Block) st
11 TOTH, Peter (ERTC/redbike) st
12 BAIN, Brian (CMC/Bow Cycle) 1:11.38
13 WALSH, cp (Synergy) 1:11.47
14 GOULET, Shawn (Pedalhead Roadworks) st
15 RANDHAWA, Guri (Pedalhead Roadworks) st
16 MASTERS, Kevin (Aerobic Power/Fresh Start) st
17 ERFLE, Devin (Deadgoat) st
18 ADAMSON, Shaun (Juventus) st
19 DEBELLEFEUILLE, Craig (Synergy) 1:13.57
20 TAYLOR, Shawn (H & R Block) at 1 lap
DNF MARTENS, Robert (Blizzard)
DNF DAHMS, Ted (Pedalhead Roadworks)

Category 3 – 60 minutes + 2 laps, 3.2 km circuit

1 CANNING, Cody (ERTC/Redbike) 1:12.52
2 BANNON, Carson (TRS Racing) 1:13.29
3 MACALISTER, Rod (Crankmasters) st
4 KLASSEN, Jeff (ERTC/Redbike) st
5 BAGNAN, Brennan (Pedalhead Roadworks) st
6 FIRTH-EAGLAND, Evan (Bicisport) st
7 WALSH, Kevin (Crankmasters) st
8 WALSH, Sean (CMC/Bow Cycle) st
9 MCDONALD, Phil (Calgary Cycle) st
10 KULLMAN, Brian (Synergy) st
11 BRANDRICK, Rob (Independent) st
12 STADNYK, Anthony (Bicisport) 1:14.10
13 MCKERRELL, Bob Central Alberta Bicycle Club st
14 PURDY, James (Bicisport) st
DNF MAK, Tommy (Eurotech)

Category 4 – 50 minutes + 2 laps, 3.2 km circuit

1 AMBERIADIS, Tom (Bicisport) 1:02.06
2 SCHOOLER, Aaron (ERTC/Redbike) st
3 KRISHTALKA, Gideon (H & R Block) st
4 MORRIS, Dallas (Deadgoat) st
5 PHELPS, Andrew (Cranky’s Bike Shop) st
6 REID, Robert (Crankmasters) st
7 SCHMITT, Craig (Independent) st
8 ADAMSON, Lance (Juventus) st
9 FRASER, Craig (Calgary Cycle) st
10 BREAU, Claude (Bicisport) at 1 lap
11 BLONSKI, Bill (Bicisport) at 2 laps

Category 5 + Women A and B – 40 minutes + 2 laps, 3.2 km circuit

1 BRENTNALL, Malcolm (CMC/Bow Cycle) 49:42
2 WALL, Jason Independent st
4 PLANT, Sherwood (Synergy) st
5 HAMILTON, Nic (Bicisport) st
6 ZELENSKY, Michael (Terrascape) 49:50
7 TALLIAN, James (Cranksmasters) st
8 BUIJS, Jason (Eurotech) st
9 WELSH, Larry (Independent) st
10 BREAU, Joanne (Bicisport) st
11 DITTRICH, Chris (CMC/Bow Cycle) st
12 ANDRICHUK, Stephen (CMC/Bow Cycle) st
13 WOODWARD, Amy (CMC/Bow Cycle) st
14 ENCARNACAO, John (United Cycle) st
15 WIPF, Brian (CMC/Bow Cycle) 53:15
16 NIXON, Bradley (Bicisport) at 1 lap
17 BEVERAGE, Michelle (Bicisport) at 1 lap
18 ANGERMAN, Liane (Synergy) at 1 lap
DNF MILLER, Kelsey (CMC/Bow Cycle)

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