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GP de Ste-Martine – Elliott and Laroche Win

by pedalmag.com

April 26, 2009 – Natasha Elliott (Specialized-Mazda-Groupe Samson) and Jean-Francois Laroche (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) won the elite women’s 56km race and men’s 112km competition respectively at the GP de Ste-Martine on Sunday. Joanie Caron (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles) was second and Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Rocky Mountain) 3rd in the women’s race while Hugo Houle (Garneau/Clubs Chausseures-Olgilvy) was second in the men’s competition with Charles Dionne (Fly V Australia) in 3rd.

Genevieve Bourgeois (EVA Devinci Club) won the junior women’s 56km race while Pierrick Naud (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) took the junior men’s 84km competition.

Results (brief)

1. Natasha Elliott (Specialized-Mazda-Groupe Samson) 1:40:50
2. Joanie Caron (Équipe Cascades-ABC Cycles)
3. Laurie-Anne Dupont-Renaud (Rocky Mountain)
4. Karol-Ann Canuel (Specialized-Mazda-Groupe Samson)

1. Jean-Francois Laroche (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 2:36:20
2. Hugo Houle (Garneau/Club Chaussure-Olgilvy)
3. Charles Dionne (Fly V Australia)

Junior Women
1. Genevieve Bourgeois (EVA Devinci Club) 1:41:49
2. Frederique Lord (Garneau/Club Chaussure-Olgilvy)
3. Anne-Marie B. Morin (Garneau/Club Chaussure-Olgilvy)

Junior Men
1. Pierrick Naud (Pro Bike Pool Kuota) 2:08:37
2. Antoine Duchesne (EVA Devinci Club)
3. Andrew Lattimore (Garneau/Club Chaussure-Olgilvy) 0:03

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