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GP de Granby Full Results – Pelletier-Roy Wins

by pedalmag.com
May 11, 2013 (Granby, QC) – Remi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Quebecor) topped the Senior 1-2 men’s field at GP de Granby, round #4 of the 2013 Tour de la Montérégie (TdlM) series, as Alexander Cataford (Indépendant-RP) grabbed second while Battenkill winner, Adam Farabaugh (Garneau-Quebecor), was third.

Lex Albrecht (NOW and Novartis) took the women’s win over Catherine Dessureault (Independant-RP) in second with Adriane Provost (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) in third.


Senior 1-2  Men
1. Remi Pelletier-Roy (Garneau-Quebecor)
2. Alexander Cataford (Indépendant-RP)
3. Adam Farabaugh (Garneau-Quebecor)
4. James Piccoli (Medique p/b Silber Investments)
5. Simon Lambert-Lemay (Garneau-Quebecor)
6. Emile Jean (Ekoi Devinci)
7. Simon Pierre Gauthier (Garneau-Quebecor)
8. Geoffroy Dussault (Garneau-Quebecor)
9. Pierrick Naud (Garneau-Quebecor)
10. Matteo Dal-Cin (Stevens Racing)

Senior Women
1. Lex Albrecht (NOW and Novartis for) 25:53:19
2. Catherine Dessureault (Independant-RP) 43.60
3. Adriane Provost (Stevens Racing p/b The Cyclery) 1:23.99
4. Josée Heppell (Iris) 1:38.75
5. Evelyne Gagnon (Stevens Racing) 2:03.24

Junior Men
1. Jack Burke (CHCH) 23:32.90
2. Martin Rupes (CHCH) 1:05.95
3. Olivier Brisebois (Rocky Mountain Lessard Bicycles) 1:16.01

Junior Women
1. Marie-Ève Poisson (Iamgold Specialized) 28:57.58
2. Léa Audet (André Cycle Kaycan) 5.88
3. Ariane Bonhomme (Stevens Racing) 18.68

Full results here.

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