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GP Cycliste de Saguenay Stage 4 Full Results, Final GC – Silber 1-2 as Roth Wins Overall w/Perry 2nd

by pedalmag.com

June 12, 2016 (Chicoutimi, QC) – Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro claimed the overall GC win with teammate Benjamin Perry second overall, defending Silber’s crown as the GP Cycliste de Saguenay wrapped up on Sunday. The final 149.8km road race in Chicoutimi was won by Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling with Roth second and U23 rider, Edward Walsh (Team RaceClean Canada), in 3rd.

Team Silber Pro  ©

1. Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling 3:41:13
2. Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro 0:01
3. Edward Walsh (Can) Race Clean
4. Alexis Cartier (Can) Garneau Québecor 0:05
5. Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly 0:08
6. Thomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Lupus
7. Mikhel Raim (Est) Academy Cycling Team 0:34
8. Benjamin Perry (Can) Silber Pro
9. Sam Bassetti (USA) Ride With Rendall
10. Michael Rice (Aus) Garneau Québecor
11. Daniel Gardner (Gbr) Astellas
12. Émile Jean (Can) Silber Pro
13. Nolan Tankersley (USA) Lupus
14. Joshua Berry (USA) Jelly Belly
15. Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Silber Pro
16. Stephen Keeping (Can) Transport Lacombe
17. Pierrick Naud (Can) Rally Cycling
18. Israël Nuño Arguelles (Esp) Inteja Mmr
19. Conor O’Brien (Can) Ride With Rendall
20. Alexander Cataford (Can) Silber Pro
21. David Drouin (Can) Trj Télécom
22. Cooper Willsey (USA) CCB
23. Travis Livermon (USA) Astellas
24. Tom Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling
25. Daniel Turek (Cze) Academy Cycling Team
26. Nicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro
27. Manuel Rudaz (Sui) Humard
28. Derrick St-John (Can) Ride With Rendall 0:34
29. Evan Murphy (USA) Lupus 0:40
30. Romain Aubert (Sui) Humard 0:43
31. Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Lupus 0:51
32. Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly 0:51
33. Bruno Langlois (Can) Garneau Québecor 1:09
34. Bryan Lewis (USA) Lupus 2:02
35. Tim Rugg (USA) Ride With Rendall 2:02
36. Max Jenkins (USA) Astellas 2:02
37. Luisenrique Plemuspavila (Mex) Academy Cycling Team 2:06
38. Kai Wiggins (USA) CCB 2:06
39. Curtis White (USA) Rally Cycling 3:38
40. Dan Craven (Nam) Academy Cycling Team
41. Olaf Oussoren (Ned) Wilton
42. Kevin De Mesmaeker (Bel) Novo Nordisk
43. Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Novo Nordisk
44. Shane Kline (USA) Rally Cycling
45. Derek Gee (Can) Giant Langley
46. Justin Mauch (USA) Ride With Rendall
47. Edward Green (Rsa) Vélo Sélect
48. Brett Wachtendorf (USA) Lowestrates.Com
49. Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Trj Télécom
50. Alexander Braico (Mda) Jelly Belly
51. Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus
52. James Piccoli (Can) Transport Lacombe 3:41
53. Eric Halvorsen (Nor) Humard 9:26
54. Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mex) Inteja Mmr 9:42
55. Julien Bossens (Sui) Humard 12:47
56. Laurent Gervais (Can) Trj Télécom 16:05
DNF Elliott Doyle (Can) Silber Pro
DNF Angus Morton (Aus) Jelly Belly
DNF Simon Pierre Gauthier (Can) Garneau Québecor
DNF David Boily (Can) Garneau Québecor
DNF Darcy Woolley (Aus) Garneau Québecor
DNF Ansel Dickey (USA) Astellas
DNF Matt Green (Ger) Astellas
DNF David Williams (USA) Astellas
DNF Stephen Clancy (Irl) Novo Nordisk
DNF Gerd De Keijzer (Ned) Novo Nordisk
DNF Mehdi Benhamouda (Fra) Novo Nordisk
DNF Christopher Horner (USA) Lupus
DNF Pier-André Côté (Can) Trj Télécom
DNF Jonathan Lewis (Aus) Trj Télécom
DNF Alex Mengoulas (Ned) Wilton
DNF Nigel Kinney (Can) Transport Lacombe
DNF Boulay Benoît (Can) Transport Lacombe
DNF Philippe Allard (Can) Transport Lacombe
DNF William Blackburn (Can) Vélo Sélect
DNF François Chabot (Can) Vélo Sélect
DNF Jocelyn Lemperrière (Fra) Vélo Sélect
DNF Mattieu Borduas (Can) Vélo Sélect
DNF Anton Varabei (Can) Vélo Sélect
DNF Brad Bradford (Can) Vélo Sélect
DNF Joshua Kropf (Can) Giant Langley
DNF Lukas Conly (Can) Giant Langley
DNF Adam Carr (USA) CCB
DNF Michael Hernandez (USA) CCB
DNF Brendan Mccormack (USA) CCB
DNF Aviv Yechzkel (Isr) Academy Cycling Team
DNF Benjamin Andrew (Can) Lowestrates.Com
DNF Cameron Mcphaden (Can) Lowestrates.Com
DNF Sean Mackinnon (Can) Race Clean
DNF William Elliot (Can) Race Clean
DNF Adam Jamieson (Can) Race Clean
DNF Evan Burtnik (Can) Race Clean
DNF Willem Boersma (Can) Race Clean

Final GC

1. Ryan Roth (Can) Silber Pro 12:52:54
2. Benjamin Perry (Can) Silber Pro 00:06
3. Mikhel Raim (Est) Academy Cycling Team 00:10
4. Thomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Lupus 00:38
5. Alexander Cataford (Can) Silber Pro 00:47
6. Matteo Dal-Cin (Can) Silber Pro 00:52
7. Joshua Berry (USA) Jelly Belly 00:52
8. Daniel Turek (Cze) Academy Cycling Team 00:54
9. Pierrick Naud (Can) Rally Cycling 01:03
10. Nicolas Masbourian (Can) Silber Pro 05:55
11. Dan Craven (Nam) Academy Cycling Team 06:17
12. Edward Walsh (Can) Race Clean 07:29
13. Manuel Rudaz (Sui) Humard 07:46
14. Travis Livermon (USA) Astellas 07:50
15. Alexis Cartier (Can) Garneau Québecor 08:00
16. David Drouin (Can) Trj Télécom 08:06
17. Derrick St-John (Can) Ride With Rendall 08:06
18. Nolan Tankersley (USA) Lupus 08:17
19. Cooper Willsey (USA) CCB 08:17
20. Daniel Gardner (Gbr) Astellas 08:32
21. Bruno Langlois (Can) Garneau Québecor 08:41
22. Jacob Rathe (USA) Jelly Belly 08:45
23. Bryan Lewis (USA) Lupus 09:01
24. Israël Nuño Arguelles (Esp) Inteja Mmr 09:56
25. Evan Murphy (USA) Lupus 10:29
26. Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Lupus 10:40
27. Eric Young (USA) Rally Cycling 11:01
28. James Piccoli (Can) Transport Lacombe 11:05
29. Sam Bassetti (USA) Ride With Rendall 11:07
30. Alexander Braico (Mda) Jelly Belly 11:10
31. Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus 11:11
32. Kevin De Mesmaeker (Bel) Novo Nordisk 11:21
33. Olaf Oussoren (Ned) Wilton 11:42
34. Martijn Verschoor (Ned) Novo Nordisk 11:48
35. Justin Mauch (USA) Ride With Rendall 11:48
36. Edward Green (Rsa) Vélo Sélect 12:13
37. Max Jenkins (USA) Astellas 12:28
38. Tim Rugg (USA) Ride With Rendall 12:35
39. Kai Wiggins (USA) CCB 13:04
40. Shane Kline (USA) Rally Cycling 13:33
41. Michael Rice (Aus) Garneau Québecor 15:17
42. Luisenrique Plemuspavila (Mex) Academy Cycling Team 16:41
43. Eric Halvorsen (Nor) Humard 17:36
44. Curtis White (USA) Rally Cycling 18:20
45. Taylor Shelden (USA) Jelly Belly 18:42
46. Conor O’Brien (Can) Ride With Rendall 18:50
47. Ignacio Sarabia Diaz (Mex) Inteja Mmr 19:18
48. Émile Jean (Can) Silber Pro 20:09
49. Tom Soladay (USA) Rally Cycling 23:10
50. Laurent Gervais (Can) Trj Télécom 24:03
51. Stephen Keeping (Can) Transport Lacombe 35:19
52. Derek Gee (Can) Giant Langley 36:24
53. Julien Bossens (Sui) Humard 37:35
54. Brett Wachtendorf (USA) Lowestrates.Com 38:20
55. Nicolas Ducharme (Can) Trj Télécom 39:02
56. Romain Aubert (Sui) Humard 41:43


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  1. ROBINOFTHEWOOD, , says:

    The weather was very bad. I don’t know why they did not cancel the thursday race with rain, wind and only 8 degrés celcius – 40 farenheit .
    sunday was almost the same but only few degrees higher (maybe 15 celcius).

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