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Gord Fraser Interview – Two Thumbs Up

April 4, 2006 – My name is Buck Miller, I rode with Jet Fuel Coffee for the past four seasons, and now I’m with the U.S.-based Fiordifrutta team. I’m also a good friend of Pedal contributors Matt Hansen, Steve Bauer, Dan Dakin and Tim Lefebvre.

I just read the interview with Gord Fraser in Pedal Annual 2006. I must say, I thought that it was a very good “interview”. I train with Gord on a pretty regular basis here in Tucson as I’ve been coming here for two or three months each year since Jan. 2001. I’ve heard many of Gord’s stories, some of which were published in your issue, and some that were not. As a good friend/training partner of Gord, I can honestly say that I almost felt like he and I were riding beside each other, and he was telling me those stories again.

It’s not often in an interview that you get that kind of honesty, 9 times out of 10 there’s a whole lot of smoke blowing (to cover a lot of asses like sponsors and riders reputations etc.), but not this time. Gord really laid it out, and I think that it’s the best feature ever published on him, one I’ll keep on the coffee table for years to come.

Hat’s off to Patrick Van De Wille. I can tell Gord was talking to an “old friend”.

Just though you would like to know…

Buck Miller

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