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Glaesser Wins GOLD for a Record 4th Medal and Beveridge Takes BRONZE @ 2015 Pan Am Games Women’s RR – Report, Full Results, Photos

by pedalmag.com
Canada's Jasmin Glaesser wins GOLD  ©  Ivan Rupes
July 25, 2015 (Toronto, ON) – Canada’s Jasmin Glaesser out-kicked Cuba’s Marlies Mejias for the gold in the final sprint to the line in the Pan Am Games women’s 82.5 km road race (5 laps) claiming her fourth medal of the Games – only two other Team Canada athletes have won four or more medals at these Games.

Jasmin Glaesser with John Tolkamp, Cycling Canada president celebrating her 4th medal at the Games  ©  Peter Kraiker

Alberta’s Allison Beveridge claimed the bronze in the bunch sprint to the line putting cycling’s medal total at 19 overall with 11G 3S and 5B marking a milestone in Pan Am Games performances.

Canada's Glaesser (r) and Mejias (Mex) near the finish  ©  Ivan Rupes
Final sprint Mexico's Mejias (l) vs Canada's Glaesser  ©  Ivan Rupes
Canada's Glaesser wins GOLD over Mexico's Mejias  ©  Ivan Rupes

The group race together for the first two laps. Beveridge attacked on the third lap and put pressure on the pack but she was shut down. Then Lay took off at the start of Lap 4 but she was also reeled in. Soon after Glaesser and Marlies Mejias (Cub) attacked and built up a 22-second lead which grew to over a minute on the bell lap.

Women's RR podium (l-r) Mejias 2nd, Glaesser 1st, Beveridge 3rd  ©  Peter Kraiker

With Beveridge and Lay checking all moves in the chasing pack is came down to a face-off between the two leaders. In the final sprint to the line Glaesser bided her time and then attacked Mejias to take home the gold and her fourth medal of these Games. Beveridge added more lustre to Canada’s Pan Am crown taking the bronze – full interview with Beveridge coming.

“It’s amazing racing at home – the team did a great job today and hearing your name from the crowds…it’s exciting to see our fan base growing. I’m so proud to be a part of this team and it’s great to win at home,” said Glaesser – full interview with Glaesser coming.

Team Canada's Glaesser, Lay and Beveridge  ©  Peter Kraiker

While the three Canucks are best known for their stellar performances on the track as part of the Women’s Team Pursuit they’re no strangers to competing on the road. Glaesser recently won the KOM at the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, while Lay won the KOM at the Tour of California, and Beveridge wore the Sprint jersey at the ToC and also topped the podium at a road race in Belgium last year.


1. Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 2:07:17
2. Marlies Mejias (Cuba)
3. Allison Beveridge (Canada) 0:34
4. Arlenis Sierra (Cuba)
5. Irma Greve (Argentina)
6. Paola Muñoz Grandon (Chile)
7. Ruth Winder (United States of America) 0:35
8. Yumari Gonzalez (Cuba)
9. Mayra Del Rocha Guerrero (Mexico)
10. Gleydimar Tapia Romero (Venezuela)
11. Ingrid Drexel Clouthier (Mexico)
12. Karla Vallejos (Chile)
13. Ana Paula Polegatch (Brazil)
14. Jennifer Cesar Salazar (Venezuela)
15. Zuralmy Rivasmolina (Venezuela)
16. Yeny Lorena Colmenares (Colombia)
17. Edith Guillen Chavarria (Costa Rica) 0:36
18. Evelyn Garcia (El Salvador)
19. Daniela Guajardo (Chile)
20. Lizbeth Salazar (Mexico)
21. Emelyn Galicia Ramirez (Guatemala) 0:37
22. Mariela Delgado (Argentina)
23. Miryam Nuñez Padilla (Ecuador) 0:38
24. Clemilda Fernandes Silva (Brazil)
25. Camila Valbuena Roa (Colombia)
26. Milagro Mena Solano (Costa Rica)
27. Tamiko Butler (Antigua and Barbuda) 0:39
28. Janildes Fernandes Silva (Brazil)
29. Kirsti Lay (Canada) 0:40
30. Lauren Tamayo (United States of America) 0:43
31. Cynthia Lee Lopez (Guatemala) 0:15:39
32. Jasmin Soto Lopez (Guatemala)
33. Maria Vargas (Costa Rica) 0:22:00
DNF Zoenique Williams (Bermuda)

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