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Giuseppe Marinoni Breaks World Record on Milton Velodrome at Day of the Hour

by John Symon

September 23, 2017 (Milton, ON) – Giuseppe Marinoni set a new Best Hour World Record of 39.004km for 80-84 UCI Masters today at The Day of the Hour, presented by Mercedes-Benz Oakville, held at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton, ON. This was Marinoni’s second attempt to eclipse the distance of 38.657km held by Paul Martinez of France.

Giuseppe Marinoni  ©  Ivan Rupes
He was one lap short (200m) on Aug. 20 setting a new Canadian record at that time but returned to stamp his authority on this age group as he did in 2012 on a track in Italy when he set the record for 75-79 year olds with a distance of 35.728km. The now famous film Marinoni: The Fire in the Frame tells the story of that victory.

Eight riders including Marinoni, the renowned bicycle frame builder from Montreal, raced today at the event as Jody Levine from Toronto kicked thing off this morning at 8:15 a.m. setting a new world record of 38.156 km for women aged 45-49. There was no existing record so Levine set the bar for those to follow.

Jane Emans from Milton took on the Women 35-39 division and beat the current record of 42.160km setting a new world record of 42.425km on the her home track. Ottawa’s Michael Nash set a new Canadian record of 46.434km for Men 50-54 but fell short of the world record distance of 48.89km.

Next up was Marinoni who kept the drum beat going with his world record ride. Milton’s David Hainish took to the boards looking to beat 47.764 km for Men 30-34 and set a new Canadian record of 46.434km.

Then Bryn Currie of Toronto brought home a new Canadian record as well for women 50-54 with a distance of 40.366 km and will look to besting the world record of 43.21km in the future.

Still to come are Michael Kolesar looking to beat 43.73 km for men 65-69 and also Newmarket’s Ed Veal battling for the world record as he hopes to beat 48.411 km for men 40-44 years.

“Guiseppe Marinoni added his name to the Day of the Hour roster, for his second attempt at the world hour record in the 80-84 age category. We are pleased that he chose our event to try again,” said Beverley Bleackley from Day of the Hour. “He joined an amazing group of both amateur and professional cyclists to make this event unique, exciting, and historic. This is the first time that this many cyclists have attempted Hour Records on the same day, at the same venue.”

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