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Giordana Velodrome Update

release by Uno Imports

November 02, 2011 (Rock Hill, South Carolina) – We recently visited the new Giordana Velodrome in Rock Hill, SC. They have now finished 25 of the 50 track plates. Half way there!!! This means that every other plate is down. They now start the process of filling in the “other” plates making sure everything is level. The big “blue box” is a cover they move around so they can work on the plates in the rain. Behind that you can see the start of the concrete stadium seating. Where the photo is taken from will be a grassy hill to watch from.

Behind the green porta potty is the tunnel shaft that leads over to the finish house. The steel framing for the finish house is up around the stair/elevator shaft. You can see this in the photo. This will house bathrooms, locker rooms and some meeting rooms. The plate Giorgio and Thad are leaning on is the 42.5 degree, an impressive view from level ground. They are on schedule to have all the plates down by the end of the year. Opening is still scheduled for February. Racing probably will not start until April since most of the riders will need to become qualified to ride on a track first.

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