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Geoff Kabush Takes to the Road at Van Dessel Kermis for Team Maxxis

January 19, 2006 (Dover, N.J.) – Voted “Best Male MTB Racer of 2005” by cyclingnews.com readers, and also voted Pedal Magazine’s 2005 Best Cyclist Overall and Best Male MTB Cyclist in Canada, Geoff Kabush will once again test his mettle on the road in 2006. No stranger to road racing, the venerable mountain biker and former Olympian first started racing on the road in 1993, around the same time he began his pursuit of excellence in off-road racing.

“Racing on the road has been a great way to compliment my mountain biking,” said Kabush, “and it has been a great experience doing such races as Tour of Langkawi, Tour of Georgia, Tour of Connecticut, and the US Pro Championships in recent years. I had my best season ever last year and it included more racing on the road than ever.”

The 2006 season marks a first for Kabush, who will compete for a podium spot atop Van Dessel’s Kermis. In addition to annual road races, at time of release Kabush eagerly awaited confirmation that he would compete on the road as well as off at the Commonwealth Games this March in Melbourne, Australia.

“I don’t get beautiful new road bikes often so when I do, I choose very carefully,” explained Kabush. “I am rather large compared to most so it is really important for me to look for a bike that has the correct geometry; a blend of materials that will provide the comfort and stiffness in my size; and of course I want it to be light and look great. I am a competitive person and when I am racing I want my bikes to be the best available.”

Van Dessel’s Kermis

The Kermis is uniquely suited to Kabush’s extraordinary physique, since the bike’s geometry accommodates his larger-than-average size with a longer top tube and shorter head tube. Designed to be a pro level racing bike, the Kermis’ long and low dimensions will enable Kabush to maintain a low center of gravity while maximizing power to pedal force.

Fellow Canadian, Mathieu Toulouse, will join Kabush on the road as part of Team Maxxis. With only the team’s best interests in mind, Van Dessel will provide equipment designed by elite racer and Van Dessel’s owner, Edwin Bull, who considers racers to be the strongest influences behind the superlative quality of his bikes. Van Dessel carefully reviews each sponsorship proposal it receives. Those interested in sponsorship opportunities with Van Dessel Cycles should email <mailto:info@vandesselsports.com>info@vandesselsports.com or mail proposals directly to:

Attn: Sponsorship
Van Dessel Sports
88 King St
Dover, NJ 07801

Ride inspired since 2000, Van Dessel Cycles is dedicated to maximizing performance, function, and dependability in every Van Dessel bike. Van Dessel’s 2006 line of bikes debuts at www.vandesselsports.com and features the carbon Solstice road bike, the ultra-light aerodynamic TT/Tri Project WR, the full-suspension Buzz Bomb FS and the single-speed Country Road Bob. Determined to build up the sport from its grassroots, Van Dessel believes in promoting cycling through talented, results-oriented athletes. Look for Van Dessel Cycles beneath teams like Maxxis, Louis Garneau, Colavita New England, UC Davis and the Iraq Junior National Team. To see Van Dessel bikes up close, find a dealer at <http://rd.bcentral.com/?ID=3664706&s=122426636>www.vandesselsports.com.

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