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Geneviève Jeanson Interview with Radio Canada: Part 2 Airs Tonight

September 27, 2007 (Montreal, QC) – Geneviève Jeanson, who admitted last week to doping with erythropoietin (EPO) almost all of her career, now reveals how she lived through this period of her life. We’ll learn about the machinery of the system in which Jeanson was sometimes a victim and sometimes a collaborator.

While still a teenager, Jeanson visited the office of Dr. Maurice Duquette in company of her father and her coach André Aubut. It is there that it all started! Her father explains that the use of EPO was to cure the anaemia and weight-loss which Jeanson suffered while training. Jeanson’s thirst for victory and her eagerness not-to-disappoint at all costs contributed to the problem that developed.

The program will enable us to measure at which points in the relationship with her coach were unhealthy. We will gain a better understanding of the spectacular effects of EPO thanks to testimony of French cyclist Laurent Roux who admitted to have taken it during his entire career. EPO, which is typically only detected once in hundreds of tests, greatly increases athletic performances but it has already cost the lives of several cyclists.

Jeanson would have perhaps been one of those if she had not tested to reveal an extraordinarily high hematocrit level – a measure of the proportion of blood volume that is occupied by red blood cells – at the World Championships in Hamilton in 2003.

Jeanson will tell us that she lived all her cycling career with the fear of dying. In the last part of the report, it is with much emotion that she will acknowledges feeling that she cheated during all her career; that she lost the control of her life, and even of her personality. Neither success, nor money nor adulation brought her any happiness during all her years of competition.

The L’AVEU DE GENEVIÈVE JEANSON, UNE ENQUETE raises essential questions about the practices of high level sport and its coaching. This French-language program airs Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9 pm on television at Radio-Canada, with a repeat broadcast on RDI, Saturday at 9:30 pm. Organizer and journalist: Alain Gravel; Realization: George Amar Realizer;-coordinator: Éric Le Reste; Chief News Editor: Alain Kemeid

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